The Puliu People,a historical picture of the North Canal east of Beijing


With the wisdom of many artists, it takes four years from the acquisition of material in 2019 to the completion and rehearsal of the script this year for the team of the drama, The Puliu People. In the past four years, the team of National Center for the Performing Arts went to the North Canal in the east of Beijing, visited the Rulin Village, learned about the local folk customs and customs, and had in-depth exchanges with the wife of Liu Shaotang and his descendants. The team has held more than 10 expert preliminary discussion meetings, more than 20 creation meetings, adjusted 17 drafts, and finally formed today's "The Puliu People ".

The unique charm of the novel is the poetic and legendary style of the original novel. Based on the style of the original novel, the play breaks through the previous opera structure of "one person in one case", highlights the prose style, and presents the unique style and folk customs of the rural areas along the North canal east of Beijing.

The main line, Wang Ri Lian and Zhou Qin's love , runs through. The stories of several ordinary families along the canal are connected together so that the images of a group of kind-hearted, friendly, righteous and responsible farmers are vividly presented in front of the audience.

In terms of music creation, the play combines folk music with symphonic accompaniment, and organically adds octagonal drum and other art elements. The stage art highlights the characteristics of the canal, and strengthens the elements such as water, cattails and willows, reflecting the fluidity of the canal and the simplicity, diligence, tenacity and wisdom of the people.

By showing the optimistic life and heroic struggle, "The Puliu People" portrays a group of vivid artistic images of farmers.  In the process of creation and production, Wang Qing, the national first-level director of Shanghai Jingju Theatre Company, pays attention to endow each role with unique characters. Even the 20 extra actors in the play have their own ages and identities. 

It is reported that "The Puliu People”will be performed 10 times in each district of Beijing before the end of the year.