Sihai Town


In the golden autumn, Sihai Town is gorgeous.

1. The Flower Sea of Four Seasons

The Flower Sea of Four Seasons is an ecological flower landscape that combines flower appreciation, scenery and leisure. It is nearly 1000 acres, with a variety of flowers including verbena and marigold. In autumn, as the temperature changes, flowers become more and more prosperous, and the colors of flowers become more and more colorful.

2.The Jiuyanlou Great Wall

The JiuyanlouvGreat Wall is located on the top of the main peak of the Huoyan Mountain, 9 kilometers southeast of Sihai Town in Yanqing District, and is called the "Jiuyanlou" because it has nine observation holes on each of its four sides.

The endless Jiuyanlou Great Wall witnesses the ancient and long history. The Great Wall is also called "Wangjinglou" because it is a high mountain and can see Beijing on a clear day, which is one of the important gates of the Great Wall.