Ride around Miaofeng Mountain and enjoy the picturesque views of the mountains on all sides


The Miaofeng Mountain cycling route is a 'myth' in the minds of most cyclists in Beijing, with its winding roads, quiet villages, flowers and plants among the cliffs, and the special scenery of 'mountains on all sides are like paintings, and no day of the year is without seeing flowers'.The ride up the mountain road is a thrilling one, with cliffs on one side and abysses on the other.However, the hills are dangerous, so everyone must be safe!

Recommended route: Yongding Tower → Sanjiadian Reservoir → Danli Tunnel → Miaofeng Mountain Memorial Archway → Golden Peak Miaofeng Mountain

Yongding Tower

As you enter Mentougou, there is a landmark building standing on the banks of the Yongding River, the Yongding Tower, with its five-storey flying eaves standing proudly amidst the landscape paintings of Mentougou, making it one of the major landscapes of Mentougou.

Yongding Tower is located on the north bank of the confluence of the Heishui River and Yongding River in Mentougou District, Beijing, on the shore of the Yongding River Mencheng Lake.The design of the Yongding Tower is inspired by the Yellow Crane Tower, which is known as one of the three most famous buildings in Jiangnan, and the overall architectural design is majestic without losing its subtlety, while upholding the unique ancient architectural style of China.

The building is cruciform in plan, 62 metres high overall, with a 12-metre high, 53-metre wide and 50-metre high pedestal, and a 30-metre diameter outer eaves column on the ground floor, with a total of five storeys, with a saved spire roof and flying eaves on each floor, looking out over all sides as one.

The eaves of each storey have a beautiful and dignified appearance, with outward-facing flat seats and corridors on each storey, allowing for long-distance views overlooking the Yongding River.

On top of the cloud platform, the landscape is embellished with a

Ornamental column, a statue of Mother Yongding, a cultural wall of the Yongding River and an observation deck of the Yongding River, and surrounded by grass and trees, a tall building in classical Chinese style rises above the ground. 

Sanjiadian Reservoir

Sanjiadian is not only the starting point of the old Beijing West Road in the Ming and Qing dynasties, but also the exit of the Yongding River flowing through the Guanting Gorge.The Sanjiadian Reservoir stops the Yongding River, allowing the water that rushes for hundreds of miles to rest and settle and purify here.

A large field of bushes grows on the north side under the bridge in the reservoir area of Sanjiadian Reservoir, with a picturesque view.Between the swaying of the Acorus calamus L., waterfowl or ducks fly out in twos and threes, and occasionally egrets can be seen feeding in the water or flying high on their wings. 

Miaofeng Mountain Scenic Spot

Miaofeng Mountain Scenic Spot is a national AAA scenic spot, located in Jiangu Village, Miaofeng Mountain Town, 55 km from the city centre.The scenic area is famous for its "ancient temples, strange pines, and weird rocks".Miaofeng Mountain is a remnant of the Taihang Mountains, with an igneous rock structure, 1291 metres above sea level, with craggy mountains, beautiful flowers and plants, and seasonal scenery such as sunrise, evening sun, fog and mountain.

Mid to late October is the best time to see the red leaves of Miaofeng Mountain, which are surrounded by mountains of red leaves, staining the undulating layers of sublime mountains.The red leaves are mainly found around the scenic area, with species such as Acer truncatum Bunge, Cotinus coggygria Scop. and Crataegus pinnatifida and yellow foliage such as Larix gmelinii (Ruprecht) Kuzeneva and apricot trees.

With its high altitude and unique climate, Miaofeng Mountain offers a strong sense of hierarchy for viewing the leaves. While viewing the leaves, you can also visit the ancient temples and temples, and at the Huizi Shrine Pagoda Courtyard on Miaofeng Mountain, the view from the top of the mountain is a breathtaking view of all the layers of forest, making you relaxed and intoxicated by nature.