Taoranting Park


Taoranting Park, built in 1952, is a famous historical and cultural park that integrates classical architecture and modern gardening art, while highlights the "pavilion culture" of the Chinese nation as its main content. The park covers an area of 56.56 hectares, including 16.15 hectares of water area, is a national 4A level scenic spot。

Taoranting Pavilion is a famous pavilion of the Qing Dynasty and one of the four famous pavilions in China. In 1695, Jiang Zao, who was the official of ministry of works of Qing Empire at that time, built this pavilion in the Cibei Temple and inscribed the pavilion with the inscription "Tao Ran" after the poet Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty said, “Wait until the chrysanthemum are in full bloom and the home-made wine is mature, I will get drunk and enjoy a great time with you.” That's how the park got its name.

The Cibei Temple in the park was built in the Yuan Dynasty.

In 1985, the "Park of Chinese Famous Pavilions" was established in the southwest of the Taoranting Park, covering an area of 10 hectares. The Park of Chinese Famous Pavilions spans over 2,000 years of history, with more than 10 famous pavilions selected from 6 provinces and 9 cities across China. The selected pavilions are of various shapes and characteristics with high architectural art value.