The Peacock, a story of growth, humanity, life and love


The story of the dance drama is about the two eternal themes, life and love. It uses the stage form to interpret the common feelings of human beings, and conveys to audience the thoughts and feelings of the artist in the process of personal growth. The "peacock" in the play is a bird, but also every people.

The dance drama brings together the essence of Yang Liping's forty years of dance art. Yang said:“The Peacock is a wonderful dance drama that tells a story about nature, life, growth, humanity and love, as well as the interplay between life and nature . I am touched and express it. "said Yang.

The Peacock is divided into four chapters: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Through the stage art form, the Peacock presents a well-intentioned exploration of the world, as well as an inquiry into life and human nature, showing the different aspects of human nature including hope and awareness, devotion and sacrifice, fear and greed which are common among people. 

The weakness of human nature is exposed again and again in the painful and complex tangle of the stage characters, but dedication and love finally let the characters find the answer to life in four seasons. This is a story about the peacock, but also about human nature.