Dough Figurines


Figurines, shaped by kneading, rubbing, cutting, picking, pressing, sticking, and pasting flour, is an art of dough modeling, represented by Tang-style dough modeling in Beijing.

The Tang-style Dough Modelling was founded by Tang Zibo (1882-1971), a famous modern artist, in the late Qing Dynasty. Mr. Tang Zibo, with his profound artistic skills, learned the artistic characteristics of different places in China so his dough articles have become famous as precious artworks of Chinese folk art. Since then, a variety of styles, such as Walnut Man (a delicate dough figurine displayed in half of a walnut), Dough-made Alto-relievo, Hanging Dough Figurine, and Money-shaped Model have been created. Materials include flour, pottery, wood, and mud. Wool, feathers, silk thread, cotton, and other materials are also used to create the whiskers and hair.

The dough-made artworks are vivid in their shape with bright and eye-catching colors and with distinct style characteristics. To finish a charming dough figure with exquisite designs, diverse skills and tools are used. Now, Tang Suguo, the second son of Tang Zibo, has inherited the art of Dough Modelling. Due to the strict requirements, only two students are learning the art of Dough Modelling from Tang Suguo now.

Translator: ZHANG Ruochen

Reviewer: YE Lijuan