Jianruiying Historical and Cultural Exhibition kicks off


Xiangshan Mountain in the west of Beijing was a place for royal family hunting and playing in the Qing Dynasty, with picturesque scenery and outstanding people. The Eight Banners Jianruiying is stationed here, freeing from hustle and bustle, and paying attention to hard training. They made great achievements in maintaining national unity and the stability of the frontier. Established in 1749, the Jianruiying Hall of Practicing Wushu is a joint training place and the only remaining royal armed building complex in Beijing. It carried the cultural achievements of Jianruiying for more than 270 years.

In order to better play the functions of the museum, meet the cultural needs of the public, inherit the excellent traditional culture, and carry forward the spirit of Jianruiying, the Jianruiying Hall of Practicing Wushu has carried out renovation, and then launched the “Jianruiying Historical and Cultural Exhibition”. It’s a concentrated display of the research results of Jianruiying history and culture, and also the first public appearance of some precious historical materials of Jianruiying. On the morning of September 26th, Beijing Dajue Temple and Management Office of Hall of Practicing Wushu held a launching ceremony in the Hall.

The exhibition is divided into five units, which comprehensively introduces the history of Jianruiying, reproduces the classic battles, extols the life of outstanding generals. It explains the important position of Jianruiying in the social and historical development of the “Three Hills and Five Gardens” areas in the Qing Dynasty, and highlights the important role of Jianruiying in promoting the unification of multi-ethnic countries.

The activity adds new exhibition areas and divides seven architectural spaces into different functions. Adopting the idea of combing the original display and modern arrangement, the furniture in the main building on the central axis is restored into the display of the Qianlong period according to the historical records. It shows the historical features of the royal Hall of Practicing Wushu. The exhibition breaks the single mode of conveying knowledge and information with pictures and texts, adds a number of interesting interactive projects, telling cultural stories in a more flexible way and creating a new immersive visiting experience.

This exhibition will take you to interpret the culture and spirit of Jianruiying in a deep manner, and uphold the banner of Chinese cultural confidence in this changeable world.