Join the Great Wall study tour this National Day Holiday


Join the Great Wall study tour this National Day Holiday

The dreamlike Great Wall hides too much knowledge and story

Wait for us to find and feel

On this National Day holiday

Come to Mutianyu Great Wall and climb Mutianyu pass

Join "Love China. Protect my Great Wall" study tour practice activity

Start a journey to the Great Wall full of knowledge and practice

01 Enter the magical ancient world to learn about the most complete Great Wall

Professional Great Wall research tutor

Led the children to visit the Great Wall

Deeply understand the history of the Great Wall, its components

The wisdom of building and Great Wall military defense system

02 Learn more about practice through research

By carrying out lectures and fieldwork on the Great Wall

Children participate in the activity

Learn about the Great Wall from a professional perspective

Understand the ancient wisdom behind the Great Wall

Feel the natural and man-made trauma to the Great Wall

Realize the urgency of protecting the Great Wall

03 Get to know the Great Wall in a rich way

Children can work together

Make bricks of the Great Wall by hand, send message through beacon fire

Or wear Chinese armor

Experience the past thousands of years in the beacon smoke ofthe Great Wall

04 However difficult it might seem, the challenge will be overcome

Every step on the stone brick

Every drop of sweat here

Are the proof of facing difficulties bravely and striving for the goal

On the Great Wall, the children challenge themselves

Complete social practice better

Accumulate volunteer hours in "Beijing Volunteer"