Appreciate the autumn scenery | Labagou Virgin Forest Park


If go north along the Beijing-Chengde Expressway, you can reach the "Arctic township" of Beijing — the Labagoumen Manchu Township in Huairou District.

Labagou Virgin Forest Park is located in the Manchu Township of Labagoumen, where autumn arrives earliest in Beijing. Every year in late September, you can see amazing fall colors here.

With high altitude of more than 1,000 meters and the rich variety of vegetation, the autumn is colorful and long-lasting here. At present, the leaves of creepers, nine-horned maples, and azaleas have been turning red. It is expected that in ten days, as the temperature drops, tree species sensitive to cold air will quickly change color. At that time, the gorgeous autumn flowers and colorful leaves will add radiance and beauty to each other.

In Labagou Virgin Forest Park, polygonum, fragrant grass, marigold, wild chrysanthemum, black heart chrysanthemum, and wildflowers are in full bloom under the warm autumn sun. The colorful flowers and the red autumn leaves form a beautiful landscape.

The roads here are mostly made of stones and gravel. It is a suitable destination for family trips since it is not difficult to climb the mountain on a gentle slope.

Address: No. 300, Sunshanzi Village, Labagoumen Manchu Town, Huairou District, Beijing