Appreciate the autumn scenery | Haituo Valley


Haituo Valley is located in Yanqing District, Beijing. It is surrounded by mountains with beautiful scenery. The lake at the bottom of the valley — the heart of Haituo, is as clear as a sapphire.

In Haituo Valley, the tranquil environment and mild climate here attract some black swans.

Many tourists come here to visit the 1473 Café, the highest elevation café in Beijing. The café is a wooden house filled with a natural wood fragrance. Outside the café, there is also a viewing platform with a wide view, which is opposite the alpine skiing track of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

You can also find the authentic Swiss specialties here. Don’t miss the beautiful scenery and gourmet food on the holiday!

In addition, you can explore the 11-kilometer mountain fitness trail, the camp for children, Hey Pinus Cycling Club, and the Children's Library.

Address: Yanjiaping Village, Daituo Township, the intersection of Yanqing District, Beijing and Chicheng County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei