Can't miss these places when accompanying children on weekend


The outdoor children’s playground is a place that many children never tire of visiting. Now that autumn is in full swing, it’s a great time to go on a trip, so parents can plan a “trip to the children’s playground” and let children let their hair down!

Happy Squirrel Valley

Happy Squirrel Valley is the first squirrel-themed parent-child playground in North China, located by National Highway 101 in Taishitun Town, Miyun District, Beijing, 90 kilometers from downtown. With fresh air and magnificent mountains, it is a mountain resort where you can have fun.

The entire park consists of squirrel paradise, high-end inns, restaurants with organic food, children’s bookstores and handicraft areas. There are many squirrels in the park, which is a high-end tourist resort that integrates parent-child interaction, relaxed vacation, and natural education. In addition, you can feed squirrels, observe their lives. By doing so, children can strengthen their courage. There are thrilling devil slides, wonderful and unique rotating slides, and slides in the shape of pine cones connected by climbing ropes, so children can climb the slides like little squirrels. Most children have extreme fun here!

Near the Happy Squirrel Valley are Beijing WTown, Miyun Reservoir, Wuling Mountain Forest Park, Jinshanling Great Wall, Pinggu Peach Blossom Sea and other scenic spots. Standing on the viewing platform in the mountains, in the distance are the reservoir and sunglow, and near are the singing birds and insects, which is so pleasant.

Reservation of tickets: WeChat Official Account of “Happy Squirrel Valley”

Address: No.1, Heshangyu, Dongtiangezhuang Village, Taishitun Town, Miyun District, Beijing

Muyang Valley Children Park

Muyang Valley Children Park is really attractive to children. Not only does it have an outdoor non-powered children’s park covering an area of 40 ares, but also a cute pet park and a happy farm, which is too suitable for one-stop children entertainment.

Outdoor play area is at the entrance of the park, steel slide, climbing net, sand pit, balance beam, rope bridge, trampoline, seesaw, quincuncial piles, swing, small train … With a variety of play facilities, you can climb, run and jump any way you want.

After playing enough in the play area, you can come to the small zoo to feed animals, including miniature pigs, lambs, ducks, ostriches, squirrels, foxes, cows, etc. Children dressed as knights can also lead horses and parade around the park.

Reservation of tickets: WeChat Official Account of “Muyang Valley”

Address: No. 378, Xifeng Mountain, Nanyan Road, Changping District, Beijing

The Wizard of Oz Country Park

At the foot of Qianlingshan Mountain, amidst the clear water and blue sky, there is a fairy tale paradise in nature -- the Wizard of Oz Country Park. There are forests full of magic, novel and interesting tree houses, and various amusement activities. Take your family and your children to enjoy in the fairy tale kingdom!

In this green fairy tale world, a vast lawn has been planted, a novel tree house has been built, nearly a hundred cute animals of all sizes have been domesticated, and there is a small train shuttling through the Park. In short, all facilities take children to a colorful fairy tale world! The country park is located in the woodland, in which a 20,000-square-meter non-powered amusement park has been built. There are slides, seesaws, swings, pools and sandpits distributed over one hundred places, and you can also find the characters and food from the Wizard of Oz in the Park.

As night falls, day visitors leave here with joy, and those who plan to stay overnight here begin to enjoy their large garden. Freeing from the daytime hustle and bustle, tents of all sizes are lit up with lights belonging to their own families. Some are barbecuing outdoors, some looking at the stars with telescopes, and some simply singing in the empty night sky. Both adults and children can have a great day here.

Reservation of tickets: WeChat Official Account of “The Wizard of Oz Country Park”

Address: No. A2, Xizhuangdian, Wangzuo Town, Fengtai District, Beijing

“Aperiron” Creativity Playground

With the integration of the current popular technology as well as avant-garde and cute style, the grand outdoor amusement park -- “Aperiron” Creativity Playground, which has just opened in Tongzhou District, will bring a very different experience to parents and children.

Thanks for the arrival of this super cool “smart park”, the Central Green Forest Park is added with technological style, such as AI vision, robot, robot arm, mechanical sound and light, spray trigger and other kinds of technology. There are wearable devices, and you can trigger it with your bracelet.

Combined with the beautiful ecological environment of the park, there are 8 themed sections and 18 play areas developed within an area of 80,000 square meters, including joyful valley, a meadow full of sheep, a dangerous climbing forest, a bouncing planet and a food village.

Here, children can collect energy through bracelets in exchange for small gifts, use water power to find gems, and enjoy afternoon tea at the Pipai camp.

Reservation of tickets: WeChat Official Account of “Aperiron Creativity Playground”

Address: 70 meters west of the P2 parking lot of the Central Green Forest Park, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Tips from Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism: As the National Day holiday is approaching, we encourage citizens to celebrate the festival locally and reduce activities outside Beijing. If you do need to go out of Beijing, you should guard against the risk of epidemic during the journey, wear a mask throughout the travel, do your personal protection, and do not go to counties (cities, districts, banners) where there is an epidemic. The people entering and returning to Beijing will not gather, party or go to crowded places within 7 days after arrival, and should undergo nucleic acid testing as required. Citizens who want to enter various parks, scenic spots, attractions, libraries, art galleries, etc., please make an appointment in advance and visit at off-peak times.