Peking Quju Opera ‘Tea House’ Starts the National Tour


Since its debut in 1998, Peking Quju Opera “Tea House” has received a great popularity and has been performed over 150 stages, becoming the repertoire of Beijing Quju Troupe. In order to shine the cultural card of “Opera in Beijing” and let excellent classic plays walk out of Beijing, the play “Tea House” has started a national tour recently, covering 7 provinces of China.

Beijing Quju Troupe makes improvements and developments from perspectives including story content, stage setting, performance effect and actors performing, endeavoring to present a wonderful performance to national audience. The whole performing process will be accompanied by live band which is more influential and sensational, presenting audiences the music with unique charms in a much more vivid and straight way.

The music of Beijing Quju features characteristics of Beijing local language and illustrates a strong sense of local culture. Adapted by the original work, Quju Opera “Tea House” fully takes advantage of singing sills that is unique in Beijing, and further explores the underlying connotations of the work, aiming to endow the opera both popularization and literariness.