Happy Teacher’s Day 2022


World Teachers’ Day is a festival for all teachers in the world. The day aims to celebrate the teaching profession worldwide and to pay more attention to the voices of teachers who devote whole hearts into teaching field. More than 100 nations celebrate the World Teachers’ Day globally, while different nations celebrate this festival in different date and with various activities.

China has a long tradition of respecting and paying honor to teachers. As an old saying goes: “Three to respect: the emperor, father and teacher.” In China, the modern Teachers’ Day was established by the Chinese government in 1985 and people celebrate Teachers’ Day in September 10th every year. As an official festival, on September 10th, the whole country show their respect and appreciation to educators and teachers.

For students who are still in school, there are various ways for them to show their gratitude to their loved teachers including sending self-made gratitude cards, writing them a sincere letter or sending them a bouquet of fresh flowers. For those who have graduated from school, they may choose to visit schools that they graduated from and pay a visit to their teachers, or they could send teachers messages or make a phone call if they fail to come back. After all, it is the thought that really matters.