Cao Yu Theater will stage the classic play "The Wildness"


As Cao Yu's classic work, The Wildness is different from the his previous works in terms of creative background, dramatic style and dramatic content. This version of The Wildness is led by a brand-new young lineup of Beijing People's Art Theatre, young director Yan Rui, young actors Jin Han, Zhang Keying, Fu Yao, Lei Jia, Lian Xudong, Wei Jiacheng and others. From a new angle, it presents a version that conforms to the current aesthetics and rhythm of performances. It will be played at 7 p.m on Tuesdays to Sundays from August 16 to August 28.

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Avenue: Cao Yu Theatre, Beijing International Theater Center

Ticket: 180-680 yuan. Students can buy tickets for 40 yuan with their student ID cards.

Tel: (010) 65250996, 65249847, 65250123

Official Website: