Start the "Culture Tour of Peking Opera" to appreciate the beauty of Chinese costume


On the opera stage, the gorgeous costumes on the actors often need dozens of processes to complete. Recently, the "Culture Tour of Peking Opera" 2022 series of activities of the beauty of the costume activities is launched through online live broadcast, so that the audience can understand the birth process of the costume through the screen, feel its unique charm and feel the traditional culture.

Hosted by Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center and organized by Beijing Poly Forbidden City Theatre Management Co., Ltd., the event invited Sun Ying, a representative inheritor of the production skills of costumes of the national intangible cultural heritage project, Sun Qin, director of Beijing Television Station, and Hu Wenge, a famous Peking opera artist, to visit the Beijing play equipment factory.

Beijing play equipment factory has a long history, with Mei, Shang, Cheng, Xun as its four famous Dans, as well as Ma, Tan, Yang, Xi as four major Xusheng and other Peking Opera masters of thousands of costume drawings, and with almost all artists in the Peking Opera industry to customize costumes. On the day of the event, Sun Ying told the audience about the process of the making a costume, and talked with director Sun Qin, showing the beauty of the details of the costume which embodies the ingenuity of the national art. They shared the production process of Peking Opera costumes from the perspectives of designing costume drawings, strokes and dyeing technology, the story behind embroidery sewing, and the production process of costumes. Hu Wenge, a famous Peking opera artist, shared with the audience his lifelong relationship with costumes.

It is reported that the event was broadcast lively in Beijing Daily, Global Times, Beijing Youth Daily, as well as "Cultural Tourism Beijing" account in Douyin, Kuaishou and other platforms.

Translator: WANG Jiahui

Reviewer: LIU Yu