More than 100 youngsters skating on "The Ice Ribbon”


The "Ice Ribbon" at the National Speed Skating Oval began to hum with life early yesterday morning. More than 100 youngsters from the city's youth short track speed skating teams were excited to take part in the "Ice Ribbon for All, Healthy Life Skating" event organized by the National Speed Skating Oval and the City Skating Association here.

On the ice, the youngsters, mostly primary and junior high school students with more than three or four years of skating experience, skated in a line. Through warm-up training on land and on ice, they demonstrated the charm of ice skating and advocated the public to participate in sports and fitness and enjoy the fun of ice skating.

Since the official opening on July 9, the "Ice Ribbon" has been showing the original scenes of the Winter Olympics, allowing the people to enjoy the fun of skating in the "sauna days". The public is very enthusiastic about the ice experience and over the past month, an average of around 2,000 people have been skating here every day, nearly half of whom are children aged 10 to 15.

Next to the track, Wang Beixing, speed skating world champion and the director of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games speed skating competition, held her own skates and a pair of short track speed skates worn by her daughter. She explained in detail the features and differences between the two types of skates and communicated with the young players to publicize skating knowledge and ice & snow culture.

Translator: WU Jiayi

Reviewer: YANG Jialin