13th China Art Festival | "Five Stars Coming Out of the East" starts its national tour


The cast and crew of "Five Stars Coming Out of the East" will depart for Shenzhen on August 3 and take the stage at Shenzhen Grand Theatre on the evening of August 5, opening the national tour before the selection of Wenhua Awards. After listening to the suggestions of many experts and integrating the experience of previous tours, the cast of "Five Stars Coming Out of the East" has made some changes. Dong Ning, deputy general manager of Beijing Performing Arts Group and producer of the dance drama "Five Stars Coming Out of the East", introduced that the fate of the main character, Feng, has been greatly changed. At the end of the dance drama, a new dance section named "Born to Live" is added. Before his sacrifice, Feng gives this arm guard to the chief of Jingjue City, which means giving it to the people of Jingjue City. In this way, the theme of the shared future of the Chinese nation is more obvious and focused.

In addition, the show has been polished in terms of the rhythm and length of the dance segments, with adjustments made to the multimedia images and subtitle content. In the future, "Five Stars Coming Out of the East" will go on tour to Xinjiang, where it will also join hands with Xinjiang's performance groups on stage. Gulimina, the Xinjiang dancer who plays the female lead in the play, said, "I treat this play as a love letter to my hometown. The arm guard is very familiar to us, and I hope people in my hometown can feel the story of the artifacts presented in the dance drama and feel its profound meaning."

Zhao Jiachen, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing Performing Arts Group, the producer of "Five Stars Coming Out of the East", said that he would continue to improve the work and strive to make it a masterpiece that is well known, widely spread and long-lasting.

Translator: LIU Yu

Reviewer: WANG Jiahui