Peaches are ready for picking in Zhang Shan Ying Town


Peaches are ripe in Zhang Shan Ying Town!

"A large number of peaches on the market now are the Chunxue peaches, which are fragrant, crisp, sweet, delicious, bright red and easy to store, making them popular in the market". Hu Shunquan, the person in charge of Wufu Peach Garden, introduced while picking peaches. At present, the Chunxue peaches in Zhang Shanying town have entered the best picking season, and the air is filled with the sweet scent of peaches. Fruit farmers were shuttling in the peach orchard, carefully selecting the ripe peaches for picking and boxing. In a short time, the peaches were loaded with a whole truck, and the farmers' faces showed the joy of harvesting.

"We will box these peaches for sale at the first time, and they will reach citizens' tables on the next day at the latest", said peach farmer Zhang Dongfeng. It is understood that there are 6 peach varieties in her peach orchard. Beginning with the Chunxue peach, all kinds of peaches are ripening one after another. The supply of fresh peaches can last from early July to mid-September.

It is understood that, as a large fruit town, Zhang Shanying town has a long-standing reputation for peaches. The existing planting area is about 500 mu, mostly concentrated in Huangbaisi Village. In recent years, Zhang Shanying Town has improved peach farmers' planting techniques by updating peach tree varieties and organizing high-frequency training on peach planting techniques. In the management process, the peach farmers fertilize and manage the peach trees according to their fertilizer requirements and the characteristics of fertilization in different periods, so as to improve the quality of large peaches. The peaches here have a sugar content of 16.2%, with excellent taste and outstanding quality. In the fruit competition of the 2019 World Horticultural Expo, the Chunxue peach from Huangbaisi Village won the bronze medal.

Hou Xiaoying, deputy mayor of Zhang Shanying town in charge of agricultural work, said: "Our town has more than 10 varieties of peaches, such as Chunxue, White Peach, Nectarine and Jiubao, with excellent quality and an estimated output of more than 80,000 pounds. In order to help farmers to enhance income, we make full use of the town's own production and marketing market and other traditional offline channels of sales. In addition, we also sell through Douyin Streamlive, the cooperative public number and other online ways. We take a variety of measures to broaden sales channels, solving the people's difficulties in selling fruit and helping people to increase their income".

It is understood that in addition to selling peaches to the public, the peaches of Zhang Shanying Town are also available for visitors to pick. You can walk into the beautiful peach orchard, or taste the sweet and juicy big peaches, or take a selfie under peach trees. You can enjoy the different fun brought by picking, feel the fragrance of fruits in the air, and taste the sweetness nourished by the rain and soil. Who can escape from the lure of this beautiful field?

Translator: LIU Yu

Reviewer: WU Jiayi