Don't miss these exhibitions in summer!


As summer vacation approaches, there are several new exhibitions in the capital that are perfect for children to visit. Hurry up and collect them, parents!

1. Wild and Wonderful - Wild Life in China

On July 12, "Wild and Wonderful - Wild Life in China" was launched at the Beijing Museum of Natural History. 

The "Wild and Wonderful - Wild Life in China" is an original exhibition of the Beijing Museum of Natural History, mainly introducing the rich and diverse types of animals in China and the achievements of wildlife conservation in China. 50 specimens, including shellfish, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, are on display. In addition, two sets of multimedia exhibits are in the exhibition to help visitors visualize zoological knowledge and enhance the concept of biodiversity and ecological protection.

Exhibition Period: Now - 2022.9.4

Venue: Sunshine Hall, 1st floor, Exhibition Building, Beijing Museum of Natural History

2.Hz Action - Special Exhibition on Radio Theme

On July 15, the first day of summer vacation, the China Science and Technology Museum prepared a special summer gift for children in the short-term exhibition hall - "Hz Action - Special Exhibition on Radio Theme". The exhibition adopts the interactive participation method of immersive role experience. Children can join in as scientists, guardians, engineers. Children can interact with 42 original exhibits across "two centuries of time and space" and go through six thematic areas to start a journey of radio mystery. In this process, children may have unlimited reverie and thoughts about the future of interstellar communication.

The exhibition also offers a "Wireless Workshop". Through a number of hands-on activities, children will have close contact with the mysterious radio. A radio-themed science skit will be staged in the stage area. The lucky children will have a chance to meet with radio experts.

Exhibition period: Now - 2022.11.15

Exhibition Hall: Short-term exhibition hall of China Science and Technology Museum

3. Florentijn Hofman: Celebrate

In 2007, a 26-meter-high giant rubber duck sailed into the harbor of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Overnight, the "big yellow duck" was popular on the Internet and became a well-known art icon! He is the famous Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.

On August 6, 2022, Hofman will bring his "Animal Troupe" from all corners of the world to Beijing, China, inviting the audience to join him in this grand party for a limited time of three months. The exhibition is Hofman's first large-scale solo exhibition in mainland China and will feature more than 20 newly produced works.

In this exhibition, confetti is used as a symbol of the ritual of celebration, linking the colors of "celebration" throughout the exhibition. Through the symbolism of confetti, Hofman hopes to awaken the viewers to re-examine the nature of human acts of celebration.

Exhibition Period: 2022.8.6-10.23

Venue: Today Art Museum, Hall 1

4. Ever Curious: Mickey Art Exhibition

"Mickey: The True Original &Ever Curious Exhibition" is coming to Beijing 798 Art Center. This is the fourth stop after the success of the Shanghai, Chengdu, and Shenzhen stops of the China tour! This exhibition is co-organized by Disney and UCCA Lab, a subsidiary of UCCA Group. The exhibition invites 60 (groups) of outstanding artists from home and abroad to develop a new creative practice around Mickey through various media such as painting, sculpture, calligraphy, installation, sound, and new media.

Exhibition Period: 2022.07.23-11.6

Venue: 798 Art Center

Translator:LIU Yu

Reviewer:WANG Jiahui