Hundred-Acre Sunflower Reaches Full Bloom in the Olympic Forest Park


Summer is also an ideal time to appreciate flowers! At present, the sunflowers in the Olympic Forest Park are in its peak bloom, and they are competing with each other to bloom in this hundred-acre garden.

At about 10 a.m on July 9th, entering the park from the west gate of the north park, there’s no need for you to inquire about the location of the sunflowers, since you can easily find the place just by following the crowd. “Those who enter from this gate have already searched the location in advance. Because the west gate of the north park is the closest to the large area of sunflowers, and can be reached within 1 km on foot.” Someone in the crowd in a hurry to see the flowers said.

Walking along the river for about 5 to 8 minutes, a large area of golden sunflowers will come into view. The sunflower exhibition is located in the “Flower Fields, Wild Fun(Huatian Yequ)” scenic spot which is divided into the east and west parts, covering an area of about 100 acres. Here, tourists will not only see the most common variety - “Oil Sunflower” planted in a large area, stand on the winding wooden plank road surrounded by flowers, but also have a chance to appreciate more than 20 kinds of rare sunflower varieties from a close distance at the corner, such as “Flame”, “White Chocolate”, “Chocolate”, “The Spring Comes in Full Form (San-Yang-Kai-Tai)”, “Starburst Panache”, etc.

Clusters of sunflowers, whose leaves are like palm fans and flowers resemble golden plates, are tall and short, strong and straight, swaying gently under the sunshine and the breeze, accompanied by cicadas’ chirping from time to time. People cannot help saying that “this is what summer should be like!”

Tourists are well prepared to celebrate this annual grand view. In addition to hand-held cameras, they are equipped with straw hats, rainbow umbrellas, bubble machines, woven baskets, folding benches and other props. A woman specially wore a light green cheongsam embroidered with sunflowers and held several sunflower-like artificial flowers. She took the blue sky and the flower field as the background, holding those sunflower-like artificial flowers in hand, and recorded such a precious scenery unique to summer in her camera. “Such a large area of sunflowers is really rare. Since it is the time of full bloom recently, many people came to take photos early in the morning on weekends. At that time, there are not many people in the park.” Mr. Ye, a photography enthusiast who comes here almost every week, said. Apart from those who take photos, there are children bringing clay to create a painting on their own, another special approach of retaining this beautiful memory.

However, our reporter has also noticed some bad behaviour: some people picked flowers, walked on the branches and leaves, and scratched sunflower seeds out, just in an effort to take satisfying pictures. Especially the sunflowers planted along the plank road, some of them have already been “injured”. We kindly warm tourists: appreciate flowers in a civilized way, keep a safe distance with others, do not gather together and wear your mask in a scientific way.