Lotus Appreciation | Youth Lake Park


Youth Lake Park is an old park that carries many joys and memories of Beijingers. Although the scenery of the park is not that amazing, it is fresh and pretty everywhere. There are different scenic spots in the park, such as Shuoyuan Garden, Baochun Island, Lotus Pond, Shenglan Pavilion, and Yiyuan Garden, all of which are very beautiful.

The flowering period of lotus is from June to September every year. Lotus flowers in Youth Lake Park are mainly distributed in the northwest to southwest bank, and a small amount of lotus flowers are distributed in the east bank. The lotus flowers in the whole park cover an area of about 4,000 square meters. In order to meet the tourists' viewing needs, some lotus flowers are planted on the southeast water surface, and you can see the beautiful lotus pond immediately when you enter from the east gate.