Chestnut Garden of the Ming Dynasty


The Chestnut Garden of the Ming Dynasty covers an area of hundreds of acres, with more than 40 existing ancient trees, all of which are over 500 years old. The chestnut trees here were planted by the soldiers who defended the city in the Ming Dynasty. During the 140 years from 1436 to 1576 in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the court not only built the Great Wall of bricks and stones in the northern defense line, but also invested huge manpower and material resources to "build" another "Great Green Wall" by planting trees. The emperor ordered the generals to plant elm and willow trees outside the border to hinder foreign enemy raids. And the emperor also ordered the soldiers to plant chestnut trees in the orchard to feed the soldiers. The lush woodland and "ancient chestnut garden" in Huanghua Lakeside Great Wall scenic spot today is the most direct example.