Featured Activities of Yanqi Lake


Large-scale tourism activities are held in Yanqi Lake throughout the year. Since 1996, the "Yanqi Spring Festival" and the "Mid-Autumn and National Day Festival" have been held every year, where famous performers from the Central National Opera and Dance Troupe, the China Opera and Dance Theatre, the China Railway Troupe and the Beijing Quartet have performed wonderful cultural programs for many times. There are also various forms of folk flower show and lion dance performance in the parade. Among them, "98 National Day Parade" of Yanqi Lake was listed as the special content of Beijing International Tourism and Culture Festival in 1998. 

Since 1996, every year from July to August, the scenic spot has taken advantage of the summer to hold a series of evening summer cultural square activities for two months in conjunction with the viewing of water screen movies. The activities include: Yanqi Lake Art Troupe with local characteristics of song and dance, music and art programs, performances of national and provincial and municipal professional arts groups, mass participation in social dance performances, karaoke singing competition, etc. In addition, it also held the Capital News Reporter Cup Catamaran Regatta, Yanqi Lake Cup Invitational Tournament for News Reporter Artificial Rock Climbing, the Foreign Theatre to the Countryside Performance in September 2001, and the International Rock Climbing Competition of 6 Asian countries. In the past 15 years since the opening of the amusement park, a total of 26 large-scale tourism activities have been held, attracting more than 600,000 visitors.