Enjoy Books Online - Rich Digital Resources in the National Library of China and the Capital Library


During the epidemic, the offline services of libraries in the Beijing area have been closed while online resources are abundant. In particular, both the National Library and the Capital Library of China provide rich digital resources that can be used by the public.

National Library of China

When you open the official website of the National Library of China, you can see "National Library of China - National Digital Library of China". By clicking "Find more digital resources" on the right side of the search box, you can enter the digital resources page.

Currently, you can search resources such as e-books, full-text journals, e-newspapers, degree/conference papers, patents/standards, numerical facts, indexes/abstracts, tools, audio/video, featured resources and other categories.

Each of these categories is subdivided into many kinds of subcategories. For example, electronic book data include Chinese Historical Literature Database - Red Literature Database, Communist Party of China Ideological and Theoretical Resource Database, Chinese Social Science Library, Electronic Book Public Welfare Reading, Electronic Book, Chinese Reclaimed Rare Books, Republic of China Librarianship Literature Database, Science Library, Chinese Historical Literature Database - Republic of China Book Database, Chinese Reclaimed Good book library, History of World Civilization Comic Books Reading Room, Chinese Classics Ancient Books Library, Complete Song Poetry Analysis System, Complete Tang Poetry Analysis System, Twenty-five Histories Study System, National Studies Treasure, Founder Electronic Books, Reading China - Contemporary Literature (Digital) Recommendation Project, China Theory Network, Dian Dian Book Library, Chinese Comic Books Digital Reading Room, Pishu Database, Taiwan Literature Collection, Chinese Basic Antiquities Library, Chinese Series Library, Chinese Classics Library (Daozang Chapter), Dunhuang Literature Library, Additional Records of Twenty-Five Histories, Records of Ming and Qing Dynasties, China Chronicle Database, Complete Four Bibliographic Categories, Republic of China Book Digitization Resource Library, Chinese Ancient Books Resource Library, Digital Ancient Books, Yunnan Library Ancient Books, Tianjin Library Ancient Books, Song Dynasty Anthology, the International Joint Bibliographic System of Ancient Chinese Rare Books, Harvard University Harvard-Peking Library Special Collections of Rare Books, Book Recommendations, etc.

In addition, there are foreign language databases in some of the above categories.

National Library of China Digital Resources URL: http://dportal.nlc.cn:8332/zylb/zylb.htm

Capital Library of China

The Capital Library of China issued a notice of database trial on April 1, 2022. You can access all the trial resources by clicking "Digital Resources" on the home page of the Capital Library of China website, or directly clicking the link to the trial resources at https://www.clcn.net.cn/resources, or you can also access the relevant resources through the resources page of "Capital Digital Library" WeChat public number.

The trial resources include: Speaking Partners, Artbase Chinese Artwork Image Database, Local Classic Database (Beijing), National History Database of the People's Republic of China, Classic Documents Database of the CPC History, Online Lecture Hall, Local Literature of Modern China, Red Story Painting - Stories of "the ( Front) Four Historical Books" in Comic Strips, etc.

In addition, you can also visit the Capital Library of China Children and Youth Library. The digital resources include plentiful knowledge bases and Animation Online, etc.

Digital Resources of the Capital Library of China: https://www.clcn.net.cn/resources

Capital Library of China Children's and Youth Library Digital Resources URL: https://www.childlib.org/

Translator: LIU Yu

Reviewer: LIU Zixuan