What's Shougang | Shougang Extreme Sports Park


There is a gathering place for the coolest people who prefer extreme sports in Shougang Park. Among mottled blast furnaces and pipes, Shougang Extreme Sports Park, as a new trendy landmark, has already become a hot spot for many young people, especially those who are big fans of extreme sports.  

The park consists of three parts: the skateboarding field, the rock climbing field and the leisure area. The spot integrates modern and old, industry and fashion, and graffiti painted on walls and skateboards making it a rising trendy destination of sports. Vitality brought by extreme sports and young players form a strong contrast to the rusted steel bars and industrial landscape.

Address: Shougang Park, Shjingshan Road, Shjingshan District

Opening hours: 13:00-21:00 on weekdays; 10:00-21:00 on weekends

Tel: 010-88293633

Rate :

Rock Climbing: 38 yuan per person per climb; 120 yuan per person per day on weekdays; 58 yuan per person per climb; 150 yuan per person per day on weekends.

Skateboarding: 20 yuan per person on weekdays and 30 yuan per person on weekends .

How to buy tickets: Visit the "Shougang Extreme Sports Park" official account on WeChat