A Park Contains a Chic Bamboo Garden


Located within Beijing's West 3rd Ring Road, Zizhuyuan park is near Baishi Bridge in Haidian District, west of Beijing Capital Stadium. 

The park was built in 1953 and was named after the temple"Fuyin Zizhu" built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties in the northwest of the park. It has the chic bamboo garden of the Shu Nan Bamboo Sea and the landscape of Ling Shi Meadow of the Rabbit Ears Ridge. The whole park covers an area of 47.35 hectares, of which about one-third is water surface. South Changhe River and Shuangzhi Canal pass through the park, forming the basic pattern of three lakes, two islands, one embankment, one river and one canal. It is a natural landscape garden created by bamboo and prevails by bamboo.