Spots in Beijing Zoo | Golden Monkey Pavilion


The Golden Monkey Pavilion at Beijing Zoo is located to the west of the Orangutan Pavilion and to the east of the Blackwater Ocean. With an elegant environment, the terrain is flat and open from north to south. It covers an area of 1,000 m², with a construction area of 500 m² and an outdoor sports field of 320 m². The Golden Monkey Pavilion takes the feeding flow as the main axis, flanked by animal houses and service houses. The animal house is concealed in the rockery. Two semi-circular net cages are staggered to form the outdoor activity field for the animals. The rocks and perches in the field are for the golden monkeys to climb up and down, which not only meet the needs of feeding and management, but also facilitate visitors' viewing, forming a unique scenic spot in the western part of Beijing Zoo.