Spots in Beijing Zoo | Monkey Hill


Monkey Hill is located in the southeast of the zoo. It is the oldest surviving pavilion in the zoo, and the only existing pavilion built before 1949.

The Monkey Hill is located in the eastern part of the zoo, covering an area of about 1,000 m², and is a sunken structure. The center of the venue is built up with rocks to form two rockeries, between which are suspended soft ladders, tires and other amusement facilities. The outer oval fence is 3.1 meters high, and the distance from the rockery to the fence is 5.9 meters. There is a space at the northern side of the enclosure for the monkeys to shelter from the wind and rain in bad weather. 1986 and 1993, the monkey hill was repaired and renovated twice to strengthen the rocks. Since it happens from time to time that naughty and robust adult monkeys leap out of the monkey hill by the force of the rocks, a low-voltage power grid was set up along the wall for this purpose. According to different color reflections of the monkeys, red and white colors are painted at the grid to arouse the monkeys' alertness.

In September 2009, the old Monkey Hill was reconstructed. Due to the terrain, the surrounding environment and other factors, it was impossible to restore the original appearance. The original mountain was surrounded by a glass curtain wall and its space was also reduced. It was completed and opened in October 2009.