Spots in Beijing Zoo | Lion and Tiger Hill


Built in 1956, the Lion and Tiger Hill is one of the landmarks of the Beijing Zoo. In an era when cameras were high-end consumer goods in China, many people took souvenir photos of the zoo with the Lion and Tiger Hill as the backdrop. The building of Lion and Tiger Hill is decorated in a unique mountain-shaped structure. Entering the pavilion for a visit is like entering a mysterious cave. The passageway connecting the outdoor activity area and the indoor animal house are also designed in the form of caves. This design not only has a good visual effect, but also prevents the cold wind from blowing directly into the interior of the exhibition hall in winter. A variety of big cats, including African lions, white lions, Bengal white tigers, and northeastern tigers, are kept in the Lion and Tiger Hill. In the past, the keepers would put live chickens into the cages as a way to train the animals during every holiday.

In 2009, a bronze sculpture of a tiger was erected on the north side of the Lion and Tiger Hill. The sculpture was created by master artist Yuan Xikun over a period of two years and is called "Shan Jun". The tiger sculpture is 19.48 meters long, 9.18 meters high and weighs 30 tons. It is also the first large animal sculpture in Beijing Zoo.