Video | Beijing: More Than Meets the Eye - Phoenix Center


Produced by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, the short video series Beijing·Essence is issued on Visit Beijing, the official overseas social media account of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism.

It allows people overseas to encounter the most beautiful scenery and art of Beijing in the video, bringing them thefeeling of "being attracted by what they see". Combining representative tourist attractions, emerging cultural landmarks and representative artists, art groups and young art practitioners from various artfields, the video showcases Beijing's unique charm to the world through a new perspective of a combination of culture and tourism.

In the fifth episode of the Beijing·Essence short video series, Rings of Life, we have merged the beauty of architecture, nature, music and dance in an architectural marvel made in China - Phoenix Center. In this cultural and artistic platform that combines office, program recording, open events, ecological protection and modern technology, dancer Wang Yabin dances to the prelude of Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 performed by cellist Yang Yichen.