Chinese New Year Paintings


New Year paintings have always played a very important role in traditional Chinese folk culture and are one of the most popular artworks among Chinese folk. For thousands of years, it has been the custom in many places to post New Year paintings and couplets at the end of the year to wish for an auspicious and festive new year. New Year paintings are not only festive decorations, but also have profound humanistic and artistic values, and reflect the spiritual aspirations of the Chinese people in their pursuit of a better life.

Tracing back to Han Dynasty, Chinese New Year Paintings developed prosperously in Tang and Song dynasties and prevailed in Ming and Qing dynasties. Since 1949, modern Chinese New Year Paintings inherit many fine characteristics of traditional new year paintings while discard those superstitious and outdated content. There are a large number of professional painters join the creation team of Chinese New Year Painting. They broke up several cliche drawing routines and bravely took advantage of skills and techniques from other art forms, refreshing and upgrading the traditional Chinese New Year Paintings.