• Beijing Capital International Airport


Annual passenger throughput at BCIA increased from 1.03 million in 1978 to over 100 million. Now BCIA is the second busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic.

Service Hotline: (8610)96158



Terminal 1 (T1) Address: Terminal 1, Capital International Airport,  Beijing Chaoyang District

Terminal 2 (T2) Address: Terminal 2, Capital International Airport, Beijing Chaoyang District

Terminal 3 (T3) Address: Terminal 3, Capital International Airport, Beijing Chaoyang District


1) Metro Airport Line

One-way ticket price: CNY ¥25 / person

Airport route: Dongzhimen-Sanyuanqiao-Terminal 3-Terminal 2-Sanyuanqiao-Dongzhimen

(Inside airport) Location:

Terminal 2: The second basement of No. 2 parking building

Terminal 3: 2nd floor of No.3 Parking

2) Airport bus (return between city and airport)

Bus route:

Within the city route: Fangzhuang / Xidan / Beijing Station / Gongzhufen / Zhongguancun Line / Shangdi, Olympic Village / Beijingxi Railway Station / Huilongguan / Tongzhou / Beijingnan Railway Station / Sihui Line / Wangfujing Jinbao Street / Wangjing / Nanyuan Airport / Shijingshan / Yanjiao / Changping Line

Interprovincial route: Tianjin / Tanggu / Qinhuangdao / Langfang / Baoding / Tangshan / Cangzhou / Chifeng Line

Airport ticket offices:

Terminal 1: (in the city) inside gate 7, first floor (no inter-provincial bus)

Terminal 2: (in the city) outside gate 11, first floor (inter-provincial) gate 15

Terminal 3: (in the city) outside gate 7 or gate 9 (inter-provincial) inside gate 1

Bus service hot-line:

Within the city: (8610)64573891, (8610)64594376, (8610)64594375

Inter-provincial: (8610)64558718

3) Road trip

Highways, toll stations, tolls to the Capital Airport: (less than 7-seats)

(1) Airport Expressway (Wuyuan Bridge-T1 / T2), Tianzhu toll station, CNY ¥5 out of Beijing / CNY ¥10 into Beijing

(2) Airport Second Expressway (Pingfang Bridge-Guantou Bridge-T3) / (Wuyuan Bridge-Wenyu Bridge-Guantou Bridge-T3), Gangshan Toll Station, CNY ¥10

(3) Jingping Expressway, Huanggang Toll Station, the toll shall be defined as the actual charges.

(4) Airport North Line, Airport Expressway North Line Toll Station, the toll shall be defined as the actual charges.

Notice: The surrounding expressways of Jingping Expressway have adopted the way of ticket inspection, and the actual receipt through the toll station shall be defined as the actual charge.

  • Daxing Airport

After its approval in 2012, the construction of a new airport in south Beijing began at the end of 2014. And it has been put into operation on September 25th, 2019.

The airport covers an area of 45 square kilometers, with its termial covering an area of 700,000 square meters.

How to get there?

1. Daxing Airport Railway Line

Line: Caoqiao-Daxing Airport (Phase 1)

Travel Time: 19 minutes

2. Expressway

Lines: Beijing Daxing Airport Expressway, Beijing Daxing Airport North Line Expressway

Travel Time: around 30 minutes from south 5th Ring Road to Beijing Daxing International Airport

3. Beijing-Xiongan Intercity Railway

Line: Beijing West Railway Station-Beijing Daxing International Airport

Travel Time: around 20 minutes