Come to Shunyi to experience airplanes "brushing by" to comfort the soul with art


01 West Lake Park

West Lake Park is located in the northwest of Terminal T3 of capital airport; there are clear artificial lake and 450 mu lawn, which has become a hot spot.

There is a relatively high platform in the northwest corner of the park. The platform is octagonal, which is an excellent place to take pictures of aircraft taking off and landing.

Almost every 5-10 minutes, there will be take-off and landing aircraft from the top of the head, huge roar, very shocking, enjoy the coming and going of the aircraft, through the sound and appearance, guess the model of the aircraft, very happy.

02 Luohong photography gallery

Luohong Photography Art Museum, which took six years to build, gathers the wisdom and skills of top designers from China, Japan, Korea and Australia. The amazing photography works in the exhibition hall make people think and dream about life. As the largest personal art space in Beijing, Luohong photography art museum exhibits more than 150 exquisite works, which show a profound understanding of nature understanding. Dreamlike photography works, beautiful location, plus the rich artistic flavor of food, let you and your family experience relaxed and happy time.

Tel: 010-53859905, 010-53859911

Let's have a romantic flight in Shunyi and regain your passion. However, don't forget that you should not be careless when you travel. You should avoid gathering when you travel at different peaks. You must take protective measures.