As Pink Lotus Blooms, Here are Some Tips for Your Lotus Tour in the Suburbs of Beijing


Words fail when depicting the beauty of summer in the suburbs of Beijing. Far mountains, green water, and pools of fragrant lotus that are intoxicating. The pink lotus is integrated with mountains and waters, bright and vivid, wherever your eyes look at and your heart wants to be, everything is beautiful. Gentle breeze blowing on the embankment, and the lotus reflecting the sun in the beautiful lake - such beauty can be found everywhere in the suburbs of Beijing. Come to this different world and enjoy a different mood!

Grand Canal Forest Park

The lotus in the Grand Canal Forest Park is the largest in Tongzhou in terms of area and number, covering more than 500 acres! The most magnificent lotus pond here is the Yuedao Wenying Scenic Area. Standing on the bridge overlooking the 100-acre lotus pond on both sides, the tender breeze makes no ripple on water, while lotus sway in the wind, echoing with the red platform nearby, creating a magnificent and extraordinary scenery.

The lotus blossoms in the Yuedao Wenying Scenic Area in the Forest Park are the most blooming. Blossoms are located on both sides. You can enter from the west gate and walk along the shore to find a large pond. Now is the season when the lotus blooms the best. You can’t miss it.

Above the green leaves, some lotus are in buds, some are already in full bloom, and their colours are different, some are whitely pink, and others are very bright, like stars decorating the whole lotus pond.

Walking in, you will first feel the refreshment, and then find the lotus leaves and blossoms swaying in the breeze, as if waving their hands to welcome you. Getting closer, the thin and pink petals of the lotus float in the wind like scarves.

Standing on the shore and closing your eyes unconsciously, even though it is the hot summer in Beijing, you can still feel cool when staying close to the pond with the breeze blowing. Look at the flowers that emerge untainted from the muck, raising cleanly above ripples of water with an unaffected grace, you will feel your heart cleaned and cool.

There are ducks swimming and frolicking in the pond from time to time, sometimes move and sometimes keep still, forming a unique scenery of Tongzhou in summer.

The best time to view the lotus is before the end of August. It usually blooms for about three days and will continue their blossoms afterwards. This cycle will be more affected by the weather. Please keep an eye on the weather forecast first, and choose sunny and comfortable weather for visiting, because lotus will only bloom in sunlights and will close in the evening, so it is best to choose a sunny day.

Location: Enter through the No. 1 West Gate and No. 5 West Gate of Grand Canal Forest Park

Miyun Heyuan

Heyuan (Educated Youth Cultural Commune) is located in the west of the southern foot of Yunmeng Mountain, Xitian Gezhuang Town, Miyun District, Beijing, 1000 m south of Sanyu Scenic Area. The park covers an area of more than 1,000 mu. It is a comprehensive tourism scenic spot taking leisure agriculture as its carrier, inheriting educated youth culture, and is based on city-level large classrooms in primary and middle schools and children’s entertainment.

The park is divided into six sections: educated youth culture, catering and accommodation, farming experience, children’s entertainment, landscape viewing, and municipal-level classrooms for primary and secondary schools. To be specific: 1. Educated youth culture: commonly known as the Beidahuang (Great Northern Wilderness) in Miyun. In 1977, there were 134 graduates from Chaoyang No. 80 Middle School and students from Miyun Middle School, with a total of more than 150 people worked here; 2. Accommodation: farm dishes in farm courtyard; 3. Farming experience: The farming area is about 20 mu, available for various team building activities or rent out; 4. Children’s entertainment: expansion facilities for small children; 5. Landscape viewing: A. Lotus B. Dragon Velvet crape myrtle C. Big Buddha Park D. Forest trail, horse running spring.

The lotus landscape is the highlight of the park. There are four lotus ponds in the central area of the park, covering an area of 30 mu in total. They are planted wild red lotus and are open from mid-June to late August each year, with a flowering period of 100 days.

Landscape enhancement projects began in 2019, with a pavilion corridor of more than 160m built, a nearly 300m bridge in the pool, and spraying facilities installed. The lotus fairy stands in the middle pool, and the east pool is built with a pavilion combining Chinese and Western styles, which is even more refreshing accompanied by the lotus.

Jiulian (Nine Lotus) Pond in the forest area covers an area of more than 30 mu. It is planted with nine species of wild lotus including Xixiang Daiyue, Caiqiu, Dream of Red Mansions, and Chuntao. On both sides of the pool are shadowy trees, and when you step into the forest area, you will see the lotus leaves and lotus flowers reflecting the sun, who’s beauty is beyond description.

Address: North of Xiejiashan Village, Xitian Gezhuang Town, Miyun District, Beijing

Xihaizi Park

June to August is the season when the lotus is in full bloom. The second phase of Xihaizi Park has been opened to public for nearly two months, and has already become a new internet celebrity site. Nowadays, the blooming of lotus adds a unique colour to this place.

First of all, the two lotuses in Xihai Lake Scenic Area (Phase I) are the most luxuriant, and the lotus in Xihaizi Park shows a special charm for the fish in the lake. The koi swim in the lotus pond, sometimes around the lotus flowers and sometimes around the seedpods.

The lotus either bloom completely or in buds, swaying gently in the wind, just like a fairy.

Even the lotus leaves are delicate and green, and just by looking at them, you will feel cool and refreshing. Even the lotus seedpods stand straight and shows a unique charm.

In the second phase of the newly opened park, a lot of lotus blossomed quietly in the shadow of the tower in the lake.

Although there are not many lotus flowers in this area, it wins for its great geographical location. Here, you can look up at the tower, look down to appreciate the lotus, and enjoy the perfect combination of history and natural landscape.

Xihaizi under the lotus blossom is really beautiful, and with the opening of Tonghui River Scenic Area and Hulu Lake Scenic Area, Xihaizi is now nearly twice as big as it was, and you will no longer worry about finding somewhere to play!

Viewing time: The blooming period of the lotus is from June to August. Now is the best time for lotus-appreciating. As lotus is greatly affected by the weather and climate, it is recommended to check the weather forecast before going.

Address: No. 12, Xihaizi West Road, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Shunyi Park

At present, Shunyi Park is holding the 18th Lotus Flower Exhibition. The blooming lotus flowers are more than just beautiful. The lotus leaves are scattered high and low. When you step forward and look closely, the lotus is tall and graceful, blooming with their unique charms.

Shunyi Park is currently the largest comprehensive park with the most complete facilities in Shunyi District, Beijing. Founded in 1990, it covers 24.33 hectares in total, with 4.3 hectares of water, and the green coverage rate and green land rate is 83.41% and 72.33% respectively. After the transformation, Shunyi Park will increase the activity space, enrich the content of the park, improve the landscape, and highlight its cultural connotation. The park is equipped with sprinkler irrigation, lighting, audio electronics, broadcasting, and special botanical gardens such as Ziwei Garden, Begonia Garden, Peach Blossom Land, Bamboo Garden and cultural attractions such as poetry garden, chess garden, and forest of steles. Water curtain movie equipment and children’s entertainment facilities have also been introduced and updated. It is a good place to enjoy yourself in summer.

Address: 26 Guangming South Street, Shunyi District, Beijing

Beijing Jingzhihu Leisure Villa

Located in Taoyukou, Xingshou Town, Changping District, Jingzhihu Leisure Villa is located between mountains and rivers under the vast sky. When you come here in midsummer, you can also see large lotus flowers blooming in the pond.

Pink lotus buds decorate the green lotus leaves, and the monotonous pond suddenly becomes extremely colourful. The pink lotus sway gently on the water, and the reflections in the water were as black as ink, and in the waves are the green leaves, tall and short, appearing with different poses.

In Jingzhihu Huashuiwan, a huge sea of purple sage flowers is already in full bloom, which is extremely beautiful.

Address: Taoyukou, Xingshou Town, Changping District, Beijing

Binhe Forest Park

In summer, Changping Binhe Forest Park is really a beautiful place not to be missed. Just stop by the pond and enjoy the lotus scent, look at the pink flowers and green leaves in the pond, your worries and anxieties will dissipate in this big lotus pond.

July is the time when the lotus blooms most beautifully. The lotus leaves that are as big as umbrellas and the lotus flowers in full bloom grow next to each other to fill the lotus pond. The scent of lotus flowers is more than refreshing.

Every lotus protruding from the surface of the water is clean and translucent without any dust.

Address: East of Gonghua City, Nanmen Avenue, Changping District, Beijing

Xiadu Park

“Lotus flowers on all sides and willow on three sides, a city with mountains and half a city with lake” is the best portrayal of Xiadu Park in summer. The beauty of lotus is unique. Flower, leaf, bud and stem - every part of lotus has its own unique charm.

Walking into Xiadu Park, you will see the boundless green lotus leaves spreading to the place where the water and the sky meet. The lotus flowers under the sun are particularly bright, and they are surrounded by lots of lotus leaves. Watching these lotus flowers, either budding, or swaying, accompanied by breeze and lotus fragrance and bursts of coolness, you will find yourself immersed in the refreshing fragrance of lotus flowers, forgoting the time and unwilling to leave.

The breeze blows, and the blossoming lotus flowers are dancing. Visitors come in droves, and the flower viewers linger. The lotus adds unlimited charm to the Xiadu Park, why not come and enjoy yourself here!

Address: No. 2, Hubei West Road, Yanqing District, Beijing

Donghu Park

Donghu Park is located on the east side of Xiadu Bridge and is a good place for relaxation of the general public. Donghu Park is based on nature and ecology as a whole, which perfectly combines the countryside with the city.

In the East Lake Park in summer, all kinds of lotus flowers in the lotus pond compete to bloom. Some are in buds, some are in bloom, some have already passed their blooming season, with the lotus leaves cover all ponds. The combination of vitality and decay makes this place look like Chinese ink paintings.

Looking up closely, the layers of lotus leaves stand upright on the surface of the water, and a gust of wind blows, like the wide folds of the hem of the fairy in Yaochi, dancing lightly with fragrance.

When it rains, the lotus pond shows a different charm. The raindrops fall on the lotus leaves, causing waves of ripples. The lotus leaves are thick and huge, and raindrops jumping on them form crystal dewdrops. Come to Donghu Park and appreciate the charm of lotus!

Address: No. 16, Hunan East Road, Yanqing District, Beijing