Green Lotus Leaves Outspread as far as Boundless Sky; Pink Lotus in Beijing only Blossoms for You


After the summer solstice and a few summer rains, a large area of Beijing lotus has entered the blooming time. The green lotus leaves outspreading as far as boundless sky are the most beautiful gift given to us by nature this summer. The slight lotus fragrance, the rippling lotus leaves, together with the sparkling lake and the small bridge, what a summer splashed-ink painting! Lotus leaf floats on the surface of the water, drops of water occasionally flowing in are as translucent as crystals; some of the lotus flower is budding, some blooming generously, all attracting people to stop to watch. Summer is the perfect season to appreciate lotus.

Summer Palace

In the Summer Palace in summer, the lotus flowers out of mud but unsoiled whether cool and arrogant, or enthusiastic, or shy, or liberal, or budding, or smiling and blooming, or tall and majestic, or graceful... They share the wind and water but are also peerless and independent. In the hot summer, they brew a pool of coolness and release their fragrance.

The lotus on the west side of the west levee is the most worth seeing. Take a cruise and walk among the lotus leisurely, look at the Yuquan Mountain in the distance, take a glance at the Zhenhai Tower on the mountain, and breathe the fresh air on the lake. How pleasant it is!

In the summer, the verdant Longevity Mountain, the clear Kunming Lake, and the blooming lotus are waiting for you in the Summer Palace!

Address: 19 Xinjian Gongmen Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Transportation: Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Beigongmen Station or take Xijiao Line and get off at Ximen Station of Summer Palace

Old Summer Palace

There are dozens of lakes, large and small, all over the Old Summer Palace. Apart from Fuhai Lake, Lotus is planted in all the lakes. A large variety of lotus planted here covers a large area. Come here in midsummer, and you will understand the poem “Green lotus leaves outspread as far as boundless sky; Pink lotus blossoms take from sunshine a new dye”.

Recently, the continuing thunderstorms have added unique flavor to the lotus. After the rain, the lotus is crystal clear, like a delicate and gorgeous fairy.

Now in the midsummer, a pool of green leaves and pink buds, a garden filled with fragrance, have attracted thousands of visitors; the lotus fairy is already showing its thousand poses, some are elegant and graceful, some are shy and budded, some are wearing plain flowery skirts while some put on heavy makeup.

Lotus after the rain shows even more unique charm, and is the soul of summer in the Old Summer Palace. At present, the lotus planting area in the garden is more than 1,000 mu with 247 varieties. It is one of the largest and most variety lotus festivals at home and abroad.

In a corner of the lotus base, there is a pond of about 80 ㎡ with a lot of lotus in full bloom, but unlike other lotus, they are all “centenarians” - the second generation of ancient lotus in the Old Summer Palace. In 2017, archaeologists discovered 11 ancient lotus seeds in the Jingxiang Pond at the Ruyuan site in the southeast corner of the Changchun Garden of the Old Summer Palace. After monitoring, research and careful cultivation by experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 6 of the ancient lotus seeds successfully germinated and revived and bloomed in 2019.

Lotus on water is a highlight of the Old Summer Palace. The tortuous waterway allows tourists to appreciate the lotus posture and rhyme very closely. Isn’t it a beautiful scenery in summer!

There are many other spirits in the lotus pond here, and the most famous one is undoubtedly the more than a dozen black swans. Every visitor will be attracted by their beautiful figures.

In addition to the black swans, the lightweight waterfowl in the lake will also perform a wonderful show of walking on the lotus leaf.

Address: 28 Qinghua West Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Transportation: Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Yuanmingyuan Station.

Beihai Park

The Lotus Lake in Beihai Park is 8,000 ㎡, and you will see the elegant lotus as you enter the south gate. This is the best place to enjoy the lotus in Beihai Park. The main lotus species here are Baiyangdian Red Lotus and Space Lotus, both are large flower types and look beautiful in photos. When the lotus is in full bloom, tourists can sway on a small boat in the lotus, which are shyly blossoming, or graceful with buds, or blooming enthusiastically, or elegantly bearing fruit. Wandering in the sea of lotus flowers, and let their fragrance refresh your heart.

“Lotus Accompanying the White Pagoda” is the most vivid scenery in Beihai Park. Every year, it is a must-visit scenic spot for tourists to take photos. I believe you will also indulge yourself in this scene and feel unwilling to leave.

Address: No. 1, Wenjin Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Transportation: Take Metro Line 6 and get off at Beihai North Station.

Zizhuyuan Park

One of the most attractive scenic spots in Zizhuyuan Park in summer is the Lotus Ferry, which grows a rich variety of lotus flowers. You can enjoy the beauty of the lotus very closely by rippling in the lake by boat. There are also mandarin ducks and sparrow games from time to time.

The Lotus Ferry scenic spot was built after the establishment of Zizhuyuan Park in 1953. It has introduced lotus species since the 1960s and has a history of more than 50 years of lotus cultivation. Because of the fertile soil and suitable water temperature, it is very suitable for lotus to grow here. Therefore, the lotus here is extremely luxuriant, becoming a highlight of Zizhuyuan Park.

In the midsummer season from July to August, the lotus leaves are lush and their flowers bloom. There are more than 40 kinds of lotus in Zizhuyuan Park. In addition to the characteristic varieties of Baiyanghonglian, Wufei, Friendship Peony Lotus, Dabi Lotus, Red Peony, White Peony, etc., the small lakes in the north and south have also added National Day Red, Space Lotus, Dasajin and other late-flowering varieties this year.

Zizhuyuan Park not only has many varieties of lotus flowers, but also covers a large area. There is also a special lotus-appreciating plank road for tourists to watch flowers by water. In the middle of the lotus lake, there is also a 800 m tortuous waterway, allowing you to enjoy the aesthetic mood of travelling through the lotus bushes by boat, returning late and straying into the lotus pond.

Address: No. 35, Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Transportation: Get off at the National Library Station of Metro Line 4.

Yuyuantan Park

Yuyuantan Park is located in Haidian District, Beijing, covering an area of 137 hectares, half of which is covered with water, with rippling lakes and shadowy trees. Every March, the Yuyuantan Park which is a good place for viewing cherry blossoms in Beijing, as cherry blossoms here are in full bloom, while in summer, it is a perfect place for lotus-appreciating.

There are two lotus-appreciating spots in Beijing Yuyuantan Park. One is the “Wanping Hexiang” scenic spot located at the southwest corner of the West Lake in the park. The 8000 ㎡ lotus blooming here is mainly red lotus, with tall plants and numerous flowers in gorgeous colours. Looking far from the opposite side of the lake bank, these lotus are beautiful and stands elegantly. Moreover, the park has also planted calamus along the shore of the lake, which can not only enrich the landscape and beautify the environment, but also improve the water quality and reduce the oxidation of the waterbody.

Another site is the small cherry blossom lake in the cherry blossom garden. These lotus flowers were planted in 2008 and can form a landscape of 1000㎡ lotus floating on clear water. The lake is mainly planted with Red Lotus, Big Purple Jade, and Dance Concubine Lotus. Among them, the “Big Purple Jade” lotus is double petal and has strong fragrance; the Dance Concubine Lotus has white petals with light yellow base and reddish cusps. It is flying in full bloom with about 15 petals.

The blooming period of lotus and the best time to appreciate them in Beijing Yuyuantan Park is from June to September each year. From 6 to 8 in the morning, particularly, the lotus are the most vigorous. Standing by the small cherry blossom lake, there are budding lotus, half-bloomed flower buds, blooming petals, round lotus seedpods, and full of green lotus leaves, making tourists immersed themselves in the scenery.

Address: No. 10, West 3rd Ring Middle Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Transportation: Take Metro Line 1 or 9 and get off at the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution Station. It is within walking distance.

Taoranting Park

Taoranting Park was built in 1952, integrating classical architecture and modern gardening art. It is a famous historical and cultural park that highlights the Chinese “Pavilion Culture” as its main content. The garden has lush forests, luxuriant flowers and plants, jagged pavilions and terraces, making up a pleasant scenery. The famous Taoran Pavilion, Cibei’an and other buildings are located here.

Taoran Pavilion is a famous pavilion in Qing Dynasty and one of the four most famous pavilions in China. The Park takes its name from a poem written by Bai Juyi, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, “when chrysanths bloom and the wine is ready, we can drink and get drunk together”.

Entering from the south gate and walk a little forward, you will find the beautiful blooming lotus in the pond. You may find the same lotus creating different scenery. Either the white walls and the black tiles, or the bridging pavilions, with lotus leaves in the lake and lotus flowers reflecting the sun, are cordial for tourists and make them reluctant to leave.

Address: No. 19, Taiping Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Transportation: Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Taoranting Station

Beijing Grand View Garden

Beijing Grand View Garden is a Qing Dynasty garden modelled on the classic Chinese classic The Dream of Red Mansions. The style and features of the garden are completely restored according to the description in the book. It can be regarded as a dream outside the dream of The Dream of Red Mansions.

There are more than 40 scenic spots in the park, including the winding path, Yihongyuan, Xiaoxiangguan, Gu’en Siyi Hall, the Provincial Villa, etc., Daiyu’s Xiaoxiangyuan is decorated with bamboo shadows, and Baoyu’s Yihongyuan is magnificent. Compared with the majestic imperial style, the Grand View Garden contains more charms of romantic and family lives.

There is no large water system in Daguanyuan Park, so the lotus in the pond will be displayed in patches. Visitors walking along the shore can watch the clusters of lotus with a unique fragrance, budding lotus, delicate blooming lotus, and charming lotus seedpods and lotus leaves with drops of water. Walking into the lotus pond, you can smell the fragrance of lotus leaves and feel the charm of lotus blooming.

Address: No. 12, Nancaiyuan West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Transportation: Take bus No. 59, 62, 90, 122, 458 and get off at Daguanyuan Station.

Tsinghua University

The lotus pond of Tsinghua University is not very large, but when the lotus blossoms are in full bloom, their beauty is beyond description. Coupled with the famous prose Moonlight over the Lotus Pond by the great writer Zhu Ziqing, many people have been longing for this lotus pond of Tsinghua since childhood. Therefore, for many people, coming to Tsinghua University to enjoy the lotus pond is more than just appreciating lotus.

“The moon sheds her liquid light silently over the leaves and flowers, which, in the floating transparency of a bluish haze from the pond, look as if they had just been bathed in milk, or like a dream wrapped in a gauzy hood.” You could only understand such mood when you are immersed in the scene to fully appreciate its beauty.

Address: No. 30, Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Transportation: Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Yuanmingyuan Station.

Honglingjin Park

Honglingjin Park was built in 1958 and covers an area of 40 hectares, of which 16 hectares is covered with water. The huge water area is undoubtedly the core of the Park. On a hot summer day, a pool of clear water and a breeze will bring you some coolness.

In 2018, Honglingjin Park transformed the old landscape lake into an artificial wetland during the landscape upgrade and transformation project. At the same time, the surrounding infrastructure was upgraded as a whole, and the wetland sightseeing plank road was built to further improve the service function of the park for citizens, creating an “Ecological Museum” in the city.

The newly built wetland sightseeing plank road is antique and winding, and mainly painted in red-brown. The route surrounds the entire water surface, mostly above the water surface. Walking on the plank road, flanked by rippling lake water and lush aquatic plants , Occasionally a school of fish swims by, making beautiful circles of ripples.

Now the lotus here is already blooming. The lotus leaves cover the surface of the water, and the lotus is either holding its large buds or blooming delicately. Slowly stroll along the plank road accompanied by fresh green leaves and pink lotus, isn’t it comfortable!

Address: No. 5 Houbalizhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Bus: Take Line 6 and get off at Shilibao Station, get off from Exit B and walk west for about 700 meters to the south gate of the park.

Finally, we would remind you that please take protective measures against COVID-19 when you travel, avoid gatherings, wear masks, and follow instructions!