These 10 special tourist routes around Beijing are worthwhile for every Chinese people!


Beijing is a city with long revolution history. In recent times, many major events affecting the future and destiny of the Chinese nation had happened here and around. This thus has accumulated deep red cultural heritage, which is worthy for everyone to learn carefully and have an aftertaste. During the summer, several red attractions are recommended for you. Although some places are poor in condition and cannot be compared with popular tourist attractions, when you walk into these old-fashioned, remote and unpopular sites, you will be shocked by their history and understand deeply that studying and visiting are also good methods to learn about the huge change in modern China.

Ten Red Tourist Routes

Route 1

Beijing Gubeikou Cultural Relics Tourism Area - Beijing Zhengyangmen - Tianjin Dagukou Battery Site Museum - Tianjin Jingwumen Chinese Martial Art Garden - Tianjin Huangyaguan Great Wall - Tangshan Earthquake Site Memorial - Kailuan National Mine Park - Panjiayu Massacre Memorial -  Xifengkou Great Wall Anti-Japanese War Ruins - Saiwai Panlong Lake Scenic Area

Route 2

Monument to the People’s Heroes - Former Residence of Mao Dun - Tongzhou Grand Canal - Haihe River Cruise - Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street - Zhou Enlai Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall

Route 3

Memorial Hall of the North Central Bureau of the CPC Central Committee - Tianjin Planning Hall - Tianjin Juewu Society Memorial Hall - Huairou First Party Branch Memorial Hall - “Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China” Memorial Hall - Jinchaji Military Command Headquarters Site - Yehuling Fortress Military Tourism Zone

Route 4

Tiananmen Square - Pingjin Campaign Memorial Hall - Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street - Shengfang Ancient Town - Baiyangdian - Langya Mountain

Route 5

Cuandixia Village - Pingbei No.1 Red Village - Chinese Militia Weaponry Exhibition Hall - Pinggu Jidong Anti-Japanese Base Ruins - Xiong’er Village Beitumen Battle Site - Nanshan Village Anti-Japanese Base Site - Li Dazhao Memorial Hall and Former Residence - Wufengshan Li Dazhao Revolutionary Activity Site - Shanhaiguan (Siye Temporary Headquarters, Martyrs’ Cemetery)

Route 6

Pingjin Campaign Memorial Hall - Zhou Enlai Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall - Tianjin Yangliuqing Museum - Taoranting Park - Beijing Xu Beihong Memorial Hall - Mei Lanfang’s Former Residence - Song Qingling’s Former Residence - Baoding Studying-in-France Students Work-study Movement Memorial Hall - Ranzhuang Tunnel Warfare Site - Bethune Kedihua Memorial Hall

Route 7

Martyrs Cemetery of North China Military Region - Xibaipo Central Party Site - Shulv Village - Bethune Kedihua Memorial Hall - Baoding Studying-in-France Students Work-study Movement Memorial Hall - Viceroy of Zhili - Langya Mountain Scenic Area - Sanyi Palace - “No Communist Party, No New China” Memorial Hall - Xiangshan Shuangqing Villa

Route 8

Lugou Bridge Cultural Tourism Area - Pingxi Anti-Japanese War Memorial - Anti-Japanese War Memorial of Famous Generals - Northeast Yiyuan - Jiaozhuanghu Tunnel War Site - Pinggu Jidong Anti-Japanese Base Site - Panshan Martyrs Cemetery

Route 9

National Museum of China - Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution - Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War Memorial - Chinese People’s Liberation Army Tank Museum - China Aviation Museum

Route 10

National Museum of China - Chairman Mao Memorial Hall - Chinese Military Museum - Lugou Bridge Cultural Tourism Zone