Enjoy Speed and Passion of Winter


The 2022 Winter Olympic Games have ignited unparalleled enthusiasm among people for winter sports in the country. In Beijing,  there are a myriad of options, and these ski resorts are fully equipped to serve visitors during winter, providing dog sleds, snow saunas, glacier hiking and crossing, so that tourists can fully enjoy the speed and passion of winter.  

Shijinglong Ski Resort

Beijing Shijinglong Ski Resort was established in 1999, located in Xiadu Yanqing, the National Ecological Demonstration Zone. The resort is 80 km away from Beijing, and it’s also the first ski resort around Beijing, with the largest scale and the most complete equipment. Furthermore, it is the first ski resort in China that applies artificial snow. The well-arranged ski field covers an area of 600 mu, which can hold 5,000 people to enjoy themselves on the snow ground.

The resort has seven ski slopes (senior, intermediate and junior), with a total length of more than 5,000 meters. The most challenging one’s length is 1,035 meters, and the vertical throw is up to 300 meters, with an average gradient of 16 degrees and the maximum gradient of 30 degrees. In 2004, these ski slopes were improved. The average width hits 50 meters. There are two intermediate ski slopes, with a total length of 1,000 meters, among which the slope in the east was newly built in 2004. These two slopes have an average gradient of 14.6 degrees and the maximum gradient of 28 degrees, and the vertical throw is 135 meters. Ski slopes designed for beginners have a length of 3,000-plus meters, with an average gradient of 10 degrees. There are also slopes for snowboarders. Here you are connected with the world of snowboarding.

Address: Xiadu, Yanqing District, Beijing; 80 km away from Beijing City

Nanshan Ski Village

Located in the south of Miyun District, Nanshan Ski Village is about 62km from the Siyuan Bridge in Beijing. Covering an area of over 4,000 mu, the ski village provides advanced ski equipment and a full range of ski tracks for all ski enthusiasts. At present, the ski village boasts 10 trails for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers. Also, there are a U-shaped cross section complying with the international standard for snowboarding, a large freestyle diving platform, the only “Mogul” advanced trail in China, the special trails for kids’ snowmobile and China’s first snow pitch for six-man football. In addition, it introduces a hi-tech snowmaking system from Austria, two German snow groomers, a quadruple chairlifts, a double chairlifts and nine drag lifts, big and small; the ski village also enable visitors to play with snow by offering a 1,318m-long Summer Toboggan Run imported from Germany, the sledding from Canada and South Korea, American cableway and paragliding as well as the paraglider for children.

Address: 5km southward from Miyun District, Beijing

Yuyang Ski Resort

Beijing Yuyang Ski Resort is situated at Jingdong Lvdu Pinggu, in the national 4A class scenic spot Qinglong Mountain. It is only 60 km away from Beijing, a 40-minute drive through Beijing-Pinggu Expressway. It is accessible and the scenery is pleasant too. The resort officially opened on December, 28, 2005. With an area of 6,000 mu, the resort’s scale and facilities are in line with international standards. It is also a largest ski resort that integrates multiple entertaining activities together, such as snow sports, ecological restaurants, accommodations, outdoor exercise, conference, leisure, picking and angling.

Address: No.688 Dawangwu Village, Donggaocun Town, Pinggu District, Beijing

Huaibei International Ski Resort

Covering a total area of 9.6km2, Huaibei International Ski Resort is the longest and largest international ski resort in Beijing, boasting a senior trail, two intermediate trails and four primary trails making up the 3,800m-long snow trails at an elevation of 238m. Besides skiing, visitors can also enjoy various entertainment activities, including snow tubings, snowmobiles, archery on snow field, horse sledding and ice climbing. The ski field has also rebuilt the roads for snow tubings and snowmobiles, and a new field for ice climbing is completed, where skiers at different levels and ages can enjoy themselves. At last, there are six cableways for sightseeing, totaling 1,200m in length.

Address: 18km northward from Huairou District and 5km northward from Yanqi Lake to get to the Jiugukou Natural Scenic Spot

Yunfoshan Ski Resort

The ski resort is close to the steep cliff of Gushanzhai Village, Yunfoshan Ski Resort in Miyun District of Beijing is built into a magnificent snow world with ice mountains, icefalls, ice slopes and ice flowers. On the skiing trail covering a total area of 450,000m2, according to the international standard, the ski resort is built with two 800m-long senior ski runs at an elevation of 130m, three intermediate skiing trails with 300m to 600m in length, and four 100m to 380m long skiing trails especially designed for the beginners. In addition, for the ski lovers at different levels and kids, the ski resort also provides the roads for snow tubing, the horse sledding, the dog sledding, the independent ice craving and marvelous ice views like icefalls and icicle. Visitors can experience the soul-stirring glacier on the precipitous motorcycle lanes, and with the climbing shoes, they can also gallop like the white foxes to cross a thousand-foot-long glacier, climb the Buddha mountain with a height of 100m and pass through the 100m-long ice hole, enjoying the freedom and pleasure.

Address: Xiwengzhuang Town, Miyun District, Beijing

Yunju Ski Resort

Beijing Yunju Ski Resort, located at Zhangfang Town, Fangshan District, Beijing, covers an area of 800,000 square meters. It is adjacent to a thousand-year-old temple – Yunju Temple. Embraced by Taihang Mountain, it is a place of luck, as an old saying goes “Taihang Mountain is blessed by the Buddhist shines”. The resort is 60 km away from Beijing City, and 50 km away from Beijing Nanyuan Airport. It is next to Beijing-Yuanping Railway and Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway. This resort is the only one in Beijing that has a highway running in front of the gate.

It is also the only one ski resort in North China that adopts surface water to make snow, which highlights the environmental protection concept of the company, and thus it is strongly supported and fully recognized by the government and all walks of life.

The layout of ski slopes is reasonable and compact. Chuyun and Feixian are two ski slopes with a total length of 1,600 meters. In some sections, the gradient reaches 25 degrees, conforming to the national standards of senior ski slopes. They are like two white hada, rushing down from the peak, symbolizing auspiciousness and pureness. These two graceful curves will certainly bring you ease and comforts, and make you feel you are strolling in the clouds. Lights glare on the icy Yunju Lake, which has become the heaven of skaters, ice gyro players and children.

Address: Caijiakou Village, Zhangfang Town, Fangshan District, Beijing

Badaling Ski Resort

Covering an area of 3 million m2 in total, Badaling Ski Resort is about 2km from the west of Badaling, and the ski resort is expected to put in 300 million yuan for construction. During the phase I, two 800m-long primary ski trails, two 600m-long intermediate skiing trails, a 800m-long senior skiing trail with an elevation of 120m, a longest lane for snowmobiles in Beijing so far with a length of 2,300m and two 300m-long roads for snow tubings have been completed. Moreover, there are a wide range of leisure and entertainment activities, including dog sledding, bungee jumping, snow sauna, ice carving glacier hiking and crossing ice lakes, which are unprecedentedly amazing, exciting and exotic.

The distinctive Chinese restaurant here is poised to offer visitors old-Beijing cuisines, such as hot drinks, hot pot.

Address: some 2km from the west of Badaling