Travel Around Beijing: Beidaihe Beach Resort


Beidaihe enjoys a beautiful environment and pretty landscape. In summer and autumn, mountains here are carpeted with exuberant grasses, colorful flowers and evergreen pine and cypress trees. As white as a silk belt, Daihe River winds down the mountain foot and then flows into the sea. Moreover, the mountains also house myriad cultural and historical sites and grotesque rocks and caves sprinkled with pavilions and villas in diverse styles, presenting a picturesque patchwork. To the south of it zigzags a long coastline with fine texture, gentle slope, soft sand, full tide, good water quality and proper saltiness. Over 30 special and public outdoor bathing beaches have been developed along the sea to offer a perfect spot for tourists to enjoy the infinite pleasure from sea bathing, sand bathing and sun bathing.

Laohushi (Tiger Stone) Marine Park - Pigeon Nest Park - Olympic Boulevard Park - Strange House - Beidaihe Beach Resort

  • Tiger Stone Marine Park

Located at the center of Beidaihe Scenic Area, Tiger Stone Marine Park covers an area of 33,000m2Here, huge rocks protrude into the sea, like a pride of tigers, hence the name of Tiger Stone. Tiger Stone Bathing Beach is at the center of Beidaihe Beach Resort. With vast beach, boundless sea, gentle slope and good water quality, it has been the most-visited bathing place in summer holiday. In addition, there is also a large amusement park. As China’s currently relatively large comprehensive marine park, it offers paragliding on the sea, sailboard, surfboard, children’s playground and such.

In the Laohushi (Tiger Stone) Marine Park, there are myriad rocks in diverse shapes just like a pride of tigers. Some stones look like tigers stroll around the beach in threes and fives, some of them roar through the lush forests, some bath themselves in roaring billows while some fall into a deep sleep in warm sunshine. When the tide comes in, billowing waves roar with power, splashing thousands upon thousands of clear sprays. When the tide goes out, sea waters in front of these rocks glisten and sea gulls fly around. Here, clear skies and blue sea merge into each other perfectly.

At Tiger Stone Marine Park, people can savor the ultimate pleasure offered by the nature, happy laughter and roaring waves. Here, you can see relaxed travelers who play with water and enjoy sea bathing or sun bathing and cultural ventures who chant poems and paint pictures. The Tiger Stone, like a bright pearl mounted on the coastline of Bohai Sea, glistens with fascinating glamour. To the west of it lies a small pier built under the approval of Comrade Zhu De in 1957. As a berth for small yachts and cruises, it is an ideal place for sightseeing and fishing. In addition, if you continue westward up the berth, an exquisite and characterful pavilion called Turtle-Watching Pavilion will leap to the eye.

  • Pigeon Nest Park

Located in the northeast of Beidaihe waterfront area, Pigeon Nest Park, also known as Hawk Angle Park , neighbors the Waterfront Boulevard, earning itself a place in the four attractions of Beidaihe Scenic Area of Qinhuangdao City. When the sun rises, it is often that passers-by will get an eyeful of the wonder of the “sun bathed in sea water”.

The most fascinating thing is watching sunrise in the park. In spring and autumn, it will be a stronghold for thousands of rare migrant birds for food and rest, making for another incredible landscape. Therefore, as early as the end of 1990s, it has been rated as a national bird natural reserve.

Better yet, if you watch the sunrise at Pigeon Nest Park, it is often that you can get an eyeful of the spectacle of the “sun bathed in sea water”. When the fiery red sun rises from the sea, there is another sun stuck to this rising one, as if itching for jumping out of the sea with it. Yet, at the very moment when you fix your gaze on it, the sun above the sea jumps out of the firm clinging all of a sudden, while the sun beneath the sea has sunk into the sea, leaving a splash of golden glow and a tumultuous ovation of onlookers. Moreover, apart from being a perfect spot to watch sunrise, it also neighbors Daqiantan Beach which is an ideal place to watch birds.

  • Olympic Road Park

Olympic Road Park is situated in Beidaihe District, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province. In April 2002, Qinhuangdao was designated to build a seaside road named Olympic Road in celebration the Olympic Games.

Its main landscapes include sculptures, music fountain, 58 pieces of isolated sculptures, Olympic relief wall and handprints, footprints and autographs of 30 Chinese champions of Olympic Games of yesterday.

Located on the east side of Olympic Road, the park covers a total area of 155,600m2. Inside, there are a relief wall themed on the “Century-old Olympic Games” which offers a glimpse into the origin of Olympic Games and the development of every Olympic Games, sculptures of former chairmen of International Olympic Committee, handprints, footprints and autographs of 45 Chinese champions of Olympic Games, large music fountain, 58 pieces of isolated sculptures, all manner of rare trees as well as all kinds of sports fields including basketball court, standard stadium, croquet court, tennis court, football field, roller skating field, and elderly and children activity center.

  • Strange House

Perched on the Baihua Mountain by beach, Strange House is one of the main scenic spots of Beidaihe Scenic Area. Built in 1991, Strange House is a namesake building of Strange Villa built by Simpson (an American doctor in landscape architecture) in Beidaihe District in 1930s. And the name of the house was inscribed by China’s famous cartoonist Hua Junwu.

With an area of 999m2, it houses postern linking to each other, mountain rocks, rushing waterfalls, corridors, rope bridges and myriad doors and rooms, creating a mysterious and make-believe world. Believe me, the surprise offered by it will never end.

When you step in it, exuberant trees, rushing waterfalls, bright lamps, blooming flowers, chirping birds as well as a dazzling array of lifelike rocks in diverse shape will jump to the eye.

  • Beidaihe Beach Resort

Located 15km to the southwest of Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, Beidaihe Beach Resort is a natural beach. It stretches from Daihekou in the west to Eagle Rock in the east about 10km long and about 1.5km wide. Beidaihe boasts pretty scenery. Green mountains and boundless sea bask in each other’s radiance while exquisite villas and exuberant forests emerge into each other. Long coastline zigzags along the gently sloping beach into the distance with soft sand, high tide and clear sea water. As to entertainment amenities, there are villa, wellness retreat, sanatorium, restaurant, hotels, bar and ballroom. Hence, Beidaihe is ranked among China’s best seaside entertainment spots by area, scenery and equipment.

With beautiful beaches and cozy climate, it has gotten a name for itself as one of China’s wellness retreat. Never plagued by extreme temperature in summer and winter, Beidaihe enjoys a pleasant climate all the year round; backed by greenery-covered Lianfeng Mountain, Beidaihe boasts a beautiful environment. All these advantages, combined with good sand quality and gently sloping beach, make for an excellent, natural seaside resort. In addition to a summer resort, it is also a paradise to tuck in seafood delights like mantis shrimps, silver smelt, crabs, oysters, you name it. If you are pining for a taste of fresh seafood, a trip to Beidaihe in spring or autumn comes highly recommended.