Travel in Picturesque Mountains and Rivers


With the advent of autumn, picturesque mountains and rivers in suburban Beijing would make you linger on, especially the mountains. Pick a sunny day and visit the following places to get a taste of early autumn in Beijing’s suburb.Badaling National Forest Park

This is where the earliest traces of autumn can be found in Beijing. The gradually changing color of the place as a result of the dropping temperature, from scarlet, blood red, crimson, purplish red to golden yellow, is really a visual feast. It unveils different sides of the autumn.

The recommended “red leaf plus the Great Wall” tour takes only 45 minutes, with just 120m to climb, which is perfect for relaxation.In addition to a perfect combination of the scenes of red leaves and the Great Wall, the tour also offers a distant, bird's-eye view of the whole place.

Labagou National Forest Park

Labagou sits at the northernmost of Beijing and is said to be one of the first place in Beijing to embrace autumn. With a total area of 180km2, this is the only ecological scenic spot featuring primeval forests in Beijing.

Autumn arrives one month earlier here than downtown Beijing because of the high altitude. In addition to red leaves, the place is covered withvast stretches of larches, maple, birches, aspens and oak.

You may visit the Nanhouling Site first, where you will marvel at the yellow-leaves scene, and then go to the Bingchuan Site, a place dotted with purple and white birch trees and Alpine rose in various colors. In Baizhangya you can see the last surviving primeval oak forests in Beijing. It’s a feast like this that autumn should be spent with.

Jinhai Lake

The Jinhai Lake is the only place in Beijing where you can have the wonderful experience of enjoying the beauty of red leaves on water. You can also drive along the road surrounding the lake or the Pinggu Beishan road. You can see mountains covered by red leaves along the way.

The combination of water and mountains is one of the best gifts nature has bestowed. Seeing how the beautiful tree reflections paint the tranquil lake with wonderful colors, you’ll find that nature is actually rather generous in autumn.

Biyun Temple

Biyun Temple, adjacent to Fragrant Hills, is also a wonderland of quiet and beautiful landscape. Nestled at the eastern foot of Fragrant Hills, this temple is a six-story courtyard, halls on each floor leaning against the Hills. When it gets colder, mountains and trees would be tinged with a rainbow of charming colors of itself.

Tanzhe Temple

Tanzhe Temple, very after Zhu Ziqing’s own heart for the most poetic temple, is also frequented by multitudes of influential figures to find peace here. With a history of over 1,700 years, it is hailed as Beijing’s oldest temple. Enshrouded by towering old trees, pagodas stand in great numbers. Tanzhe Temple sits north and faces south, leaning against Baozhu Mountain. Surrounded by nine tall peaks as a horseshoe-shaped retaining ring, the temple seems to be protected by nine dragons in the middle. Better yet, there also intersperse verdant bamboo forests and valuable flowers, creating a beautiful landscape. In Zhang Ailing’s work, rainy Tanzhe Temple appears more poetic and quieter.