Lamb Spine Hot Pot, Beijingers' Favorite in Winter


Lamb spine hot spot is the most favorite food for Beijing people in cooler days. Lamb spine looks like scorpion and it's normally called Lamb Scorpion.

Lamb scorpion is of low fat, high protein and rich calcium. It's commonly seen in clear soup hot pot. Lamb scorpion hot pot can be dated back to the Qing Dynasty. A new cook in the Prince Naiman's mansions stewed lamb spines and the aroma attracted the Prince. Prince raised praise on this dish and named it Lamb Scorpion as the lamb spines look very much like scorpions. Later on, this cuisine spread to common people.

Lamb spines are crowned as King of Calcium. It’s beneficial to the health for aging people, middle-aged group and young people to eat stewed lamb spines. It’s also suitable for all seasons to eat.

Here are some recommended restaurants to have a feast of lamb spines in Beijing.

Tian Yi Shun Restaurant

Here in Tian Yi Shun, you can have a taste of the most authentic Beijing style lamb spine hot pot boosting fleshy but not greasy lamb spines and tasty soup. Customers cannot help drinking more than one bowl of soup. Boil handmade noodles in the pot and you can have a taste of chewy noodles and thick lamb soup. This restaurant is located at the western suburb of Beijing but still attract many customers.

Address: North Gate No.1, Army Air Force Command College, North Fourth Ring Road West 88-17

Lamb Spine Li

The lamb spine hot pot of Li features its clear soup. Customers are suggested drinking some soup first before gnawing the lamb spine. Clear and fresh soup together with tender and tender lamb makes a feast for customers. Lamb spines in this specialty are fleshy and carefully selected. By simmering for a while, a pot of clear soup and tender lamb can be presented.

Address: 1st Floor, No. 7 Building, Xili, Xibian Gate

Scorpion Mansion Lamb Spine Hot Pot

Scorpion Mansion is a time-honored restaurant and its predecessor is Wan He Xiang Yuan Hunan Cuisine Restaurant. The lamb spine hot pot of this restaurant is well received by customers. If you plan to have a dinner here, you have to reserve a seat first. What’s more, lamb spines are usually sold out at around 9:00 p.m. Besides lamb spines and fresh ingredients, other dishes like flavored noodles and pastry, boiled sheep head and spicy lung slices also enjoy popularity.

The lamb spine hot pot is a traditional specialty of this restaurant throughout many years’ trials. The lambs used in this dish are 5 to 6 months old from Xilingol and Ulanqab in Inner Mongolia. After a dozen of procedures including selecting, boiling, stewing, simmering and so force, a pot of lamb spines that not only remains the nutrition of clear soup hot pot but caters to the modern tastes can be presented.

Address: Songyu North Road No. 5, Chaoyang Distict (Northeast to Panjiayuan Bridge, Jinli Building)

Lao Cheng Yi Guo

“Though procedures are complicated, we mustn’t emit every step. Though ingredients are costly, we dare not give short weight.” This is the motto kept by Lao Cheng Yi Guo and a promise to all customers. Lamb of this restaurant is quite tender without a strong smell. Besides the lamb spine hot pot, customers have other options such as lamb tails hot pot and lamb chops hot pot. Another specialty is sesame seed paste, featuring crispy crust and pleasant aroma.

Address: 2nd Floor, Ruichen International Center, Nongzhanguan South Road

Old Feng Roast Lamb Spine Restaurant

Old Feng Roast Lamb Spine Restaurant, located at Drum Tower West Street in Xicheng District, is a restaurant boosting traditional lamb spine hot pot. It has numerous chain stores in Beijing. The chef of this restaurant is quite skilled and the special recipe made by this chef has been widely spread in Beijing. All the lambs are from Xilingol in Inner Mongolia, which helps the restaurant win good reputation.

Address: No. 206, Drum Tower West Street, Xicheng District (Near Desheng Gate Tower)