Legendary Huo Yuanjia of Tianjin


No matter in history or martial arts fictions, there is such kind of hero who was born in troubled time but powerful and virtuous, always caring for the fate of his nation.

The legendary Huo Yuanjia of Tianjin was such kind of hero.

On July 1st, Huo Yuanjia Memorial was opened again after its renovation. The following contents are stories of Huo Yuanjia recorded in the memorial.

Huo Yuanjia was once prohibited to learn and practice martial arts because he was feeble and sick in childhood; he had to read books day by day.

But later in his teenage, he stole from his father and practiced alone in a remote jujube forest for a long time because he won't resign himself to the fate. And finally he succeeded and made a great achievement.

Personality determines destiny. Huo Yuanjia was excellent in martial arts and would like to help others out of injustice. His fortitude and fearless determined that he would be a hero, make friends with heroes and contribute for his country, but on the other hand brings him with a lot of trouble.

In the winter of Guangxu 21th Year (1895), Huo Yuanjia taught some local ruffians a lesson with his shoulder pole when they intended to rob in the firewood market.

Head Feng of those ruffians tricked Huo Yuanjia into his "Jianghang (an ancient stevedoring company)" as a manager and framed him into the prison later. Fortunately, he was soon ransomed by Nong Jinsun, who was the owner of a drug store and the member of China Federal Association. He was the torchbearer and a good friend of Huo Yuanjia.

Huo Yuanjia realized that it was important to make our people and our country strong. Therefore, he started to risk a lot and served his country with the martial arts.

Before the Revolution of 1911, under the influence of Nong Jinsun and some other people, Huo Yuanjia established Chin Woo Athletic Association in Shanghai to teach martial arts and carry forward national prestige.

42 shiny "Wu" characters, which represent his 42 years study to martial arts, hold up his noble martial arts spirits of "patriotism, justice, self-cultivation and helpfulness". "World Chin Woo" exhibition contains many trophies, certificate, medals and numerous honors in the past, showing us how well Chin Woo Athletic Association developed after Huo Yuanjia passed away. The most amazing exhibition is the "flag collection" of the association hanging on the roof, covering all the branched all over the world.


Address: Xiaonanhe Village, Jingwu Town, Xiqing District, inside Jingwumen·China Martial Arts Park.

Ticket: 60 CNY

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