Great Hall of the People in Beijing


Located at the western edge of Tian’anmen Square and southern edge of West Chang’an Street in Beijing downtown, the Great Hall of the People functions as the meeting place for the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the office space for NPC and NPC Standing Committee. The east gate is not only the main entrance to the Great Hall of the People but also the entrance to the Main Auditorium. Above the golden yellow bronze door with five windows hangs the huge national emblem. In front of it lies a vast square where ceremonies are held to welcome state guests and the president reviews the guards of honor of the three services.

One can enter into the Great Hall of the People via the east gate, go by Fengmen Hall, Guoting Hall, and arrive at the Central Hall. Sprawling 3,600 square meters, the Central Hall is featured by brocatel-paved parapet walls and floor. Around, it is girdled by twenty white marble pillars with a 12-meter-wide winding corridor in the middle-level storey. In addition, there are six main entrances leading to the Main Auditorium. Measuring 76 meters from south to north, 60 meters from east to west and 33 meters high, the Main Auditorium has pride of place in the Great Hall of the People and is framed with vault-roof, long-span and upright-free structure.