Travel Tips on Palace Museum - Transportation


Since July of 2011, the Palace Museum has implemented the one-way visitation route,where visitors can enter the museum by Wu Men (午门) the south gate of the palace while Shenwu Men (神武门), the north gate of the Palace, and Donghua Men (东华门), the east gate, serve as exit. There are many ways to get to the Forbidden City for the museum is large and features many gates.

Getting to Wu Men:

  • Bus:

The bus stops near Wu Men are Tian’anmen East (天安门东, the pronunciation is Tian An Men Dong) and Tian’anmen West (天安门西, the pronunciation is Tian An Men Xi). The ticket starts from 2RMB.

Buses that stop at Tian’anmen East: 1, 120, 2, 52, 59, 82, 99, Night Bus 1 (夜1), Night Bus 2 (夜2), Sightseeing Bus 1 (观光1线), Sightseeing Bus (观光2线)

Buses that stop at Tian’anmen West: 1, 5, 52, 99, Night Bus 1(夜1), Sightseeing Bus (观光2线)

  • Subway:

Subway is also available. You can take subway Line 1 and get off at Tian’anmen West Station or Tiananmen East Station. If you don’t have a plan to visit Tian’anmen Square, you can get off at Tian’anmen East and exit through Exit D.

  • Taxi:

If you prefer taking taxi, you can show “我想去故宫南门” to the driver.