Tiankai Temple

Tiankai Temple


Located in Yuanbao Mountain, Longmen Sengtaiyuan, Hancunhe Town, Fangshan District, Tiankai Temple is one of the oldest temples in Beijing which has a history of more than 1,950 years. It is said this is where the Buddha sarira bones was come up. (According to record, there are 15 Buddhist relics stored here.) and this why it is a famous temple all over the world.

The temple was first built in the East Han Dynasty by Hauyan Huisheng, a famous Buddhism of India. He had came to China in 34 A.D. And built Tiankai Temple to expand the Buddhism.

Covering an area of 21 acres, the temple has Tiankai Tower, Xinglong Chansi Temple, Nianfo Hall and Guanyin Temple. There are jade statues of Buddha bring from Burma and there also the highest Thangka in China.

Address: Yuanbao Mountain, Longmen Shengtaiyuan, Hancunhe Town北京市房山区韩村河镇龙门生态园内元宝山