Appreciate Flowers Silently in Qingfeng Park

Appreciate Flowers Silently in Qingfeng Park


Qinfeng Park was named after Qingfeng Brake of Tonghui River, serving as an important grain transportation channel in Beijing and also having the reputation of being the "Qinhuai River of the North". With beautiful landscapes, a clear river and relatively few tourists, the park is quiet and an ideal place for spring outing or break from the city.

Featured with the main elements of "sail" and "ship", the park was divided into eight most representative scenic spots respectively they are Datong Fanyong, Xincheng Yiwang, Dieshui Huaxi, Wenhuai Yigu, Yinfeng Yougu, Jingji Qinhuai, Qingfeng Guzha, Huishui Chunyi. The north of the park is modern waterfront landscape area, the green ecological culture area in the south that advocates harmonious coexistence with nature. Qingfeng Park is really a great choice for those visitors who wish to avoid the crowds and to seek out some serenity.

Flowers to Appreciate in the Park: Flowering Peach, Prunus Davidiana, Lilac, Flowering Plum, Malus Micromalus

The Best Flowering Phase: March to May

Address: No. 34 Qingfengzha Qianjie, Chaoyang District

Bus Route: Take Bus No. 3, 686, 627, 601, 707, 28, 57, 976, 974 to get there