Silver Mountain Pagoda Forest-One of the “Eight Great Sights” in Beijing


Silver Mountain Pagoda Forest, located 30 kilometers east of the seat of Changping District is a key cultural heritage site under national protection as well as a national-level scenic spot. It boasts the Buddhist pilgrimage in Liao and Jin Dynasty, one of the “Eight Great Sights” in Beijing during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Because of the cliffs like the wall and the color of rocks become black, and in winter the snow-covered mountain is as bright as silver, it is referred to as "Iron-Wall Silver Mountain".

The Iron-Wall Silver Mountain not only with magnificent scenery but it is well known as numerous ancient pagodas on it. The pagoda groups of Liao Dynasty in the silver mountain is the famous scenic spot in China with existing the most Liao Pagodas. Since the Jin and Yuan Dynasties through Ming and Qing Dynasties to the present day, with more than 600 years’ history, the pagoda clusters were built year after year. With the folk saying “silver pagodas are countless” coming into being.

Self-driving Route: drive from the Litang Road to Xingshou, and then Xiazhuang, or drive east from the Xiaotangshan Exit of the Badaling Expressway and turn left to the north at the Daliushu Roundabout, or drive east from the Changping Exit of the Badaling Expressway to Nanshao, Cuicun, Qincheng, and then turn left from the Xingshou Road