Songshan Nature Reserve for a Hike


The first national nature reserve near Beijing, this is the idyllic place for hikers, bird watchers, and animal enthusiasts. In addition to boasting hundreds of animal species, Songshan is the home of four nationally protected species: the golden leopard, the imperial eagle, the golden eagle, and the black stork. Hiking trails range from easy to moderate. Wander through streams, rock cliffs, gorges, trees, and historic pine forests. The park’s highest peak has an altitude of 2,199m, but there are plenty of scenic attractions like Hundred-Waterfall Spring, Flying Dragon Cliff, and Eight Immortals Cave. Songshan does see a fairly high number of visitors each year, so plan a visit on an off-peak day to beat the crowds, if you can.

RMB 30. Daily 6am-6pm. Zhangshanying Zhen, Yanqing County (6911 2634)