Tang Suit, Chinese Traditional National Costume


The Tang Dynasty was the most thriving, prosperous, splendid, and glorious period in ancient China. As a result, the traditional clothing worn by the Chinese is called “Tang suit”. Actually, “Tang suit” has no direct relationship with the Tang Dynasty.

The origin of the Tang suit can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911), evolving from Magua, It is a type of Manchurian clothing, which was in turn adopted by the Han Chinese during the Qing Dynasty. It is a short tunic with high and round collars and lapels, which are fastened down the front. At that time, only noblemen, aristocracy and government officials were wearing it; however, in modern times it was eventually adopted by common people. This kind of clothing is often seen as a national costume for men, although women wear it as well.

Now in Chinese communities, the Zhongshan suit, the western suit, and the Tang suit are main formal attire for many men in many occasions. The Tang suit can be made in different colors, most commonly red, dark blue, gold and black. One common design is the usage of Chinese characters to spread good luck and wishes.

By the 1940s, “the Tang suit” became popular in China again. Compared with the ancient style, the sleeves had become longer and wider. Patch pockets were added and the number of frog buttons became standard at seven. This jacket was worn with matching pants.