Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort


Founded in 2000, Huaibei International Ski Resort is one of the earliest and largest ski resorts in Beijing, and it is the only ski resort in Beijing which is registered with the word international in its name. It is located in Jiugukou Natural Scenic Area, five kilometers north of Yanxi Lake, 18 kilometers north of Huirou District, and 67 kilometers away from the Beijing urban area. It is usually open from December to the following March.

Covering an area of 9.6 square kilometers, with a snow-covered area of 10,000 square meters, the ski resort is the largest one in Beijing and can accommodate 5,000 tourists a day.

Set in the Jiugukou Natural Scenic Area, which is known as the backyard of Beijing, the ski resort is surrounded by the Great Wall on three sides. Tourists can have a fine view of the 4.5-kilometer long Great Wall from the Ming Dynasty that extends along the mountains, connecting with the Great Wall at Mutiangu. The scenery of Jiabianlou there is the miracle of the architectural history that cannot be found in any other place.

Besides, located on the Yanshan Mountains with a unique karst peak forest and strange rocks, the ski resort combines a man-made landscape with natural scenery, and therefore enjoys the reputation of skiing in the embrace of the Great Wall.

The ski resort provides the best service for you with its advanced facilities: the new magnificent comprehensive services hall, convenient electronic charging system, luxurious VIP rooms, imported sterilizer, and so on. The ski resort is equipped with a snowmaking system introduced from Europe, which presents skiing-lovers with the best experience of skiing.

Owing to its location in Jiugukou Natural Scenic Area where there are three mountains, five reservoirs, and nine valleys, the ski resort, which is regarded as a park in the mountains, has a wonderful view.

In addition to skiing, there are other sports and activities, such as: skiing, ice-climbing, rock climbing, field survival training, extended training, camping, campfire parties, Great Wall hiking, military simulation battles and fishing.

There is a Chinese restaurant and a Western restaurant. They accommodate 800 people dining at the same time. The restaurant provides food on weekdays only, and only group guests can have meals there at weekends. Food such as a nutritional meal of Guoqiao rice noodles, or a special-flavored spicy hot pot is popular.


There are 12 wooden rooms in the ski resort. Tourists can also choose to stay at the farm houses or hotels around it. As for hotels, there are more than 40 hotels above the three-star level, one five-star-level hotel and two four-star-level hotels. Moreover, travel advisors from China Highlights can arrange the best local hotel for you.

How to get there:

Take Bus No. 936 at Dongzhimen to the ski resort; it is a 90 minutes’ drive.

Self-driving Route

1. Jingcheng Expressway → Huirou Station Exit (Exit 14) → Kaifang Road Roundabout, towards Fengning → Yanxi Roundabout → Huaibei International Ski Resort (it is about 67 kilometers from Sanyuanqiao to the ski resort).

2. Jingcheng Expressway → Yanyang Road Exit (Exit 15) → Yanxi Development Zone (keep driving northward) → Huaibei International Ski Resort.

3. Dongzhimen → Kuliushu Roundabout towards Huairou → Niulanshan Exit → Kaifang Road, Huandao, towards Fengning → Yanxi Roundabout (keeping driving northward for about eight kilometers) → (Huaibei International Ski Resort).

Shuttle bus

A shuttle bus to the ski resort is available every day except for Mondays. It goes from Dongzhimen at 8:10 am and returns at 4:10 pm.