Beijing Glasses City


As the title implies, a collection of over 200 small shops specializing in all types of glasses frames, lenses, and contact lenses in one 5-story building in Beijing is a treasure for the myopic. Come here to bargain for quality prescription glasses at great prices. The variety, prices, and just concentration of stores that compete for your business makes this an excellent one-stop destination for glasses.

Beijing Glasses City is located on 43 Huawei Beili,Panjiayuan, Dongsanhuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District, or about a 10-15 minute walk from the Jinsong Station of Beijing Subway Line 10. It’s actually about equidistant from either the Jinsong and Panjiayuan subway stations. This is the premiere place in Beijing to find the exact type of glasses you desire.

Foreign customers coming here might want to take a Mandarin-speaking friend along, as most of the shop owners do not speak English. However, many shop owners and workers will go out of their way to help you, even with the language barrier. Just bring an existing pair of glasses with you and they can match your prescription or even give you an eye exam on the spot and have your glasses finished in about an hour from start to finish. There are five floors, and over 200 stalls, so it’s suggested that you can easily move along to another store if you don’t find what you like. Likewise, you always have the bargaining chip of going to another store to counter when you’re negotiating. A standard pair of glasses can go for under 160 RMB, with prices varying by selection of frames and lenses. They carry many Chinese, Korean, knockoff, and sometimes genuine name brands. Stores also carry prescription sunglasses, again, made while you wait.

This is a great place for visitors to Beijing to buy practical souvenirs to take home that will save them a lot of money. Many customers come in and leave with multiple glasses for themselves, and even for their family members. Look for Beijing Glasses City the next time you need glasses while in Beijing.